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BAPCO Annual Event


  • Helping technology organisations optimise how they operate and organise themselves – internally and in their external interactions – to deliver maximum value to customers.

  • Klick Fast is a tried and tested Peter Jones innovation. 

    Manufactured in the UK, Klick Fast offers secure, hands-free carrying of portable devices.

  • The Police Priority Dispatch System™ (PPDS®) is the most advanced, flexible, scientifically driven police dispatching protocol in the industry with over 100 Jurisdictionally Approved Questions and Instructions that can be turned on or off. PPDS empowers emergency dispatchers to efficiently gather essential information and send the right response to help callers, victims, officers, and bystanders in emergency situations. 

  • Become more connected with more control through NetCloud Private Networks for cellular-based wireless LAN

  • ProQA Paramount helps emergency dispatchers move smoothly through Case Entry and Key Questioning. It assists dispatchers in quickly identifying the appropriate Determinant Code for each case and clearly displays the response configuration specifically assigned to the code by local agency authorities. ProQA then guides dispatchers in providing all relevant Post-Dispatch and Pre-Arrival Instructions, as well as important case completion information.

  • 5G outdoor router for vehicles and IoT

  • Combining the latest technology with the skills of traditional craftsmanship, Peter Jones’ Radio Cases are renowned for their durability and reliability. As suppliers to emergency service providers ac ...
  • Fill in just one form and use the data to make multiple referrals including Safeguarding, Fire Risk, PREVENT, Dementia Concern or any clinical referral in just a few clicks. 

  • Is your organisation still reliant on paper for business resilience?

    We have an affordable business continuity backup solution enabling organisations to transition paper based processes to third-line support for their primary ePR system.


  • A comprehensive ePCR digital platform with the ability to create custom forms and integrate seamlessly with your existing clinical systems to improve data, security, accuracy and consistency of patient records.

    Easily download and run the Scribe app on any Apple or Android device or existing hardware. With a simple, intuitive interface designed to be familiar to clinicians that use paper records the digital ePCR form can also be exactly configured to match the requirements of your organisation.

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