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Exhibitor Products

BAPCO Annual Event

04 Jan 2024

Referral Portal

Doc-works Limited Stand: F38

Powerful product features include:

- Ability to audit the quality of referrals made.

- Receive feedback from the referral destination for quality improvement and pass feedback on to the referrer of any potential outcomes.

- Where it can be achieved a direct data transfer into the destination system can be facilitated with the cooperation of the third party supplier.

- The destination of the referral can be assigned by using the Directory of Service (DoS) to identify the appropriate and available service to best meet the patient’s needs.

The Doc-works App can be used on both IOS and Android devices and the form can be configured to exactly match the requirements of your organisation.

The App can be installed on existing hardware, often sharing the devices already in use for the ePCR or other standard issue tablets or smaller smart devices, such as phones.

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