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Police Priority Dispatch System

Priority Dispatch Stand: E29

The Police Priority Dispatch System includes the following features:

  • Use of a Case Entry system: The PPDS Protocol provides a standardized method for answering each call. On Case Entry, the event location and callback number are verified, and the appropriate Chief Complaint is selected.
  • Identification and ordering of Key Questions: The protocol prompts the calltaker to ask the right questions for each Chief Complaint. The questions and instructions are logically ordered with scene safety first, followed by other essential information.
  • Logic-based selection of dispatch codes: Recommendations for dispatch codes are driven by on-scene event information provided by the caller. The dispatch codes ensure that calls are triaged according to designated agency-defined response policy.
  • Pre-Arrival Instructions for life-threatening situations: Based on information provided by the caller, the protocol guides calltakers to instructions for specific, life-threatening situations such as Active Assailant (Shooter), sinking vehicles, hostage situations, bomb threats, and other caller-in-danger situations. Calltakers can initiate a Zero-Minute Response by providing the caller with easy-to-follow, step-by-step Pre-Arrival Instructions so help can be given immediately while responders are on the way.
  • Post-Dispatch Instructions for callers: These important instructions help the calltaker direct the caller to improve scene safety and the effectiveness of the overall response.
  • Collection of detailed descriptions: As incidents unfold, descriptions of suspects, vehicles, weapons, victims, and witnesses are recorded in detail while fresh in the minds of those on the scene. This information is quickly relayed to the responders en route, and all descriptions are saved in the call file, becoming a permanent part of the case data archive.
  • Constant flow of scene information to responders: Dispatchers are able to quickly send the right on-scene information to responding officers and update it in real time. Both new and veteran dispatchers will be able to immediately provide responding officers with the crucial information they need to protect themselves and the people around them. 
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