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BAPCO Annual Event

ProQA Paramount

Priority Dispatch Stand: E29

ProQA is designed to assist calltakers/dispatchers in quickly determining the appropriate Determinant Code for each case and can be programmed to clearly display the response configuration specifically assigned to that code by local agency authorities and individual centers. ProQA then guides calltakers/dispatchers through providing all relevant Post-Dispatch Instructions (PDIs) and Pre-Arrival Instructions (PAIs), as well as case completion information.

  • Complete Control: ProQA gives you control over every aspect of an emergency call. Easy navigation means that you have full access to all features of the IAED Protocols. Additionally, ProQA gives you control over the critical information for each call. ProQA includes a separate calltaker/dispatcher module that gives the calltaker, other dispatchers, or a supervisor easy access to the critical information of a case as it develops.
  • Improved Efficiency: ProQA has been specifically designed to improve emergency calltaking efficiency, thereby reducing liability risks and increasing responder safety. Correct dispatch codes are often determined in less than one minute. ProQA queues dispatch as soon as it has information to safely recommend the appropriate Determinant Code. This may happen during Case Entry, Key Questioning, or after all questions have been asked depending on the specifics and priority of the situation. ProQA reduces human error by recording every answer input by the calltaker and presenting this information in a consistent manner for all field personnel, regardless of which calltaker processed the call. ProQA analyzes the information using time-proven expert logic to quickly determine the appropriate response determinants and PAIs for each case.
  • Quality Assurance: ProQA helps your agency maintain a consistently high level of service by improving calltaker compliance to the IAED Protocols. ProQA automatically presents questions and instructions in the proper order. It automatically skips questions and instructions that are not appropriate for the specific circumstances of each case. It also automatically answers questions that were already asked before the dispatcher jumped or shunted to another protocol. This automation frees calltakers to focus their attention on providing quality service. ProQA also saves every action taken by the calltaker so that case information can be exported for use in AQUA, PDC’s Advanced Quality Assurance software.
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