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BAPCO Annual Event

Operating Model & Organisation Design

Mason Advisory Stand: C31

Technology organisations are now a core component in enabling businesses to deliver their products and services to customers more efficiently and effectively. An integrated digital technology operating model and organisation design (OD) defines how the technology organisation can support both the business and external customers. There are key questions the operating model & OD seeks to answer.

  • How can I align digital and technology delivery to ensure we provide value to the business?
  • How can I be more responsive to changing business and market needs?
  • How much focus should I place on new technology services and innovation?
  • How mature is my technology organisation to deliver the services the business requires now and in the future?
  • Is my team suitably skilled and staffed to deliver excellent technology capabilities for the services we deliver today and the services we will need to deliver in the future?
  • What key external partners and services do I need to support the delivery, evolution, and innovation of technology services?
  • How can I optimise my technology costs?
  • How do I provide greater transparency of technology services to the business?

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