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BAPCO Annual Event


  • Genasys Protect CONNECT fosters seamless, secure, and compliant real-time collaboration across organizations. CONNECT keeps teams informed and in sync in one, coordinated, and secure space. 

  • Genasys Protect TRAFFIC AI by Ladris, enhances and accelerates decision-making with AI-driven traffic models. 

  • GNSS GPS Repeater Solutions

    20 Dec 2023 Louise Davies

    Constant State of Readiness

    When responding to a domestic or industrial fire, road traffic accident, flood, or other emergency calls, seconds can be the difference between life and death.  When a fire appliance exits the station/garage in an emergency, the GPS onboard system may take several seconds or even minutes to acquire the GPS signal leaving Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) and satnav devices disconnected from critical data, perhaps adding vital seconds or minutes to your response time.

  • GPS Jamming Detection & Location

    21 Dec 2023 Louise Davies

    GNSS, the Global Navigation Satellite System (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou) signals are used by many critical infrastructure organisations for positioning, navigation and timing  applications including defence, policing, security, transport and marine. The GNSS signal is susceptible to outages due to intentional and unintentional jamming.  Intentional jamming is on the increase and is now recognised as a clear and present threat.

  • The HP795Ex is Hytera's new generation intrinsically safe DMR radio, featuring a safe and ergonomic design, with robust housing. This device provides clear and loud voice quality, long-life power, and ...
  • Semi-ruggedized, compact 4G LTE router for IoT applications

  • Upgradeable to dual modem with extensibility dock

  • INVISIO V60 II, V50, V20 & V10 at a glance

    V60 II is the ultimate communication hub for users needing multiple connected devices. 

    V50 II dual com control unit is designed for users that require an internal power supply. 

    Easy and intuitive to use, V20 II is the lightest and smallest unit for professionals with a single or dual net radio.

    Lightweight and rugged, with 1 large PTT, V10 II is designed for defense and security professionals with a single radio.

  • Plug into the INVISIO Intercom and access vehicle comms directly from the control unit

    INVISIO Intercom at a glance

    Bridging the gap between the dismounted and mounted user.

    The INVISIO Intercom system enables intergroup communication by plugging their existing dismounted system into any vehicle communication platform.

  • Submersible and lightweight tactical over-the-ear hearing protection headset.

    INVISIO T7 at a glance

    The T7 hearing protection headset is designed for military and public safety professionals across all mission scenarios.

    Highly rugged, making it ideal for use in demanding environments. Submersible down to 10 meters. Market-leading 28 dB SNR hearing protection. Comes with a wide variety of configuration possibilities, making the headset flexible and comfortable.