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BAPCO Annual Event


The BAPCO Annual Conference is the UK's leading conversation for public safety experts - the free-to-attend learning opportunities across the three different theatres continues to be a big draw to the event.

The programme is filled with keynote addresses, best practice and technology updates, panel discussions and debates offering a unique educational experience across the entire sector giving practical knowledge and innovative solutions.




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"The Huddle" Theatre

A more inclusive and informal conference stream which will be held in a horse-shoe shaped theatre to enable more interactive and immersive discussions and demos. The ideal format to answer all your challenges and burning questions. 2024 topics included:

  • Future Tech Developments – What are the technologies that are on the horizon and the emergency services need to know about?

  • Tech Deconstruction – What is going on in the World of Tech that will impact the emergency services today?

  • Mental health - What is best practice and how does this compare between services?

People - Strategy and Idea Generation Theatre

People - Strategy and Idea Generation Theatre

High level strategy and idea generation discussions focusing on cross-agency collaboration, learnings from public safety agencies and end-users addressing. 2024 topics included:

  • Demystifying AI and discussing the challenges and solutions.

  • The role human decisions play in emergency communication.

  • Technology roadmaps and strategies for effective communication.

  • Transitioning to broadband and 5G with ubiquitous connectivity.

  • What are the cybersecurity challenges and solutions?

Technology - Practical, Hands-on, Showcase Theatre

Technology - Practical, Hands-on, Showcase Theatre

Technology today and where is it going? – What will be possible in the future? 2024 topics included:

  • How to evolve IT and communications technology and solutions.

  • Case studies demonstrate real-life use of technology in daily operations.

  • Innovating control rooms communication priorities and challenges.

  • Fully immersive virtual reality solutions for training and emergency situations.