The BAPCO Annual Conference & Exhibition is a crucial event for everyone that is involved in critical communications and public safety solutions.

BAPCO 2019 with TCCA's Critical Communications Europe was a great success, it provided an unrivalled opportunity for all those involved in the sector to come together in the UK to network, drive innovation, discuss challenges, explore solutions and showcase innovation that is shaping our future.

Alongside a plethora of the latest technology and solutions from top suppliers and expert led conference sessions on the latest topics, BAPCO 2020 will have more interactive features than ever before for you to enjoy.

BAPCO 2020

BAPCO 2020 will provide a forum for professionals in the field of public safety technology, to exchange information, ideas and experiences.

Attendees will have the opportunity to collaborate with emergency and non-emergency public safety services, suppliers, technologists and related government offices both within the UK and other EU member states to influence the future development of public safety communications.

The BAPCO event continues to be a platform to discuss public safety communications and provide a supportive network for the transfer of knowledge in the public safety/civil contingencies services.


World’s first cross-border emergency communication network in operation in Norway and Sweden

BAPCO/CCE 2019 Coventry - FREQUENTIS enables Norway and Sweden to strengthen emergency communication and save lives - Norway and Sweden have become the first two countries in the world to connect their national emergency communication networks. The Frequentis control room communication solution allows all Norwegian emergency centres to seamlessly manage both domestic and foreign resources on the Norwegian public safety network, Nødnett.

Sepura Enhances SC21 TETRA Hand-Portable

Cambridge, 11th March 2019 - Sepura has announced two significant updates to its market leading SC21 TETRA hand portable, with the device now certified with an IP67 environmental protection rating, whilst also being made available for use in the UV band (403-470MHz).

BAPCO 2020 | 10-11 MARCH 2020