Speakers 2019

Tony Gray, Chief Executive, TCCA

Tony Gray has worked in the mobile communications industry throughout most of his career of over 40 years to date. During this time he has held senior engineering, management, and consulting posts throughout Europe, the Middle East and around the world. He has worked as a consultant on a wide variety of public safety and other critical communications-related projects globally, and has recently been appointed as CEO of TCCA, the global representative body for all those with an interest in the provision of wireless communication services in mission critical or business critical environments. Previously he was engaged as Regional Business Director with P3 Group, a highly regarded global communications engineering and consulting services provider. Prior to his appointment as CEO, Tony served as a board member and director of TCCA’s Critical Communications Broadband Group (CCBG). TCCA is working with standards bodies including 3GPP and ETSI as well as other stakeholder groups worldwide to drive the development of common, global, mobile broadband technology standard and solutions for public safety and other critical communications users. TCCA is also engaged with global regulators to find appropriate, and as far as possible harmonised, spectrum in which future critical communications broadband networks can operate.

Hans Petter Naper, Chief Engineer, The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB)

Hans Petter Naper has been with the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection for more than six years. He earned his engineering masters degree at NTNU, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and has worked in the field of mobile telecommunications since the early 1990s. Naper has experience from both the industry and network operator sides, and spent 10 years in North America as well as ETSI and 3GPP committees creating standards for technologies such as GSM, GPRS and 3G. As a chief engineer, he is a central member of DSB's "Next generation nødnett" team, which works on the broadband solution that will eventually replace Norway's Nødnett TETRA network. Naper represents DSB in the TCCA Critical Communication Broadband Group.

Jason Karp, Co-Founder, The Public Safety Network

Jason Karp is one of the co-founders and principals of the Public Safety Network. In addition, Jason was recently named as Chief Legal Counsel, and appointed to the Board of Secured Communications, which has created a universal platform through which all mobile device communications and applications can seamlessly integrate and run on a fully secure and encrypted basis. Jason brings more than 25 years of legal and business executive experience in the telecom, technology, media/advertising and public safety environments, having managed within large corporations, start-ups and the federal government. Prior to starting The Public Safety Network, Jason was the General Counsel as well as a Senior Executive with FirstNet. In this capacity, Jason was responsible for interpreting the complex law that created FirstNet and developing and implementing the critical legal strategy and framework for successful deployment of the nationwide public safety broadband network. As one of the founders of the FirstNet team, Jason played a key role in architecting the first of its kind strategy and business model for creating a financially sustainable wireless broadband network to benefit public safety with dedicated and enhanced communications and tools, through a public-private partnership with industry valued at more than $40 billion. Jason received a BSE with honours in Electrical Engineering from Duke University and a JD from New York University School of Law.

Michael Hallowes, Managing Director, Zefonar Advisory Limited

Michael Hallowes has recently returned to London after six years in Australia (2011 to 2017) where he was the Emergency Services Commissioner for Victoria and National Director of the “Emergency Alert Program”. In these roles, Hallowes led the team who designed and implemented Australia’s equivalent to “Reverse 999” for mobiles, known as “Emergency Alert”. In its six years of operation, Australia’s emergency services have used the system in close to 1,400 life threatening events to inform and keep their communities safe. There has been no loss of life since through a failure to warn. Prior to moving to Australia, Hallowes served 30 years with the MPS and NPIA. He is now the Managing Director of Zefonar Advisory Limited, an independent consultancy to governments on digital platforms for public safety and security systems.

Sami Honkaniemi, CVO & Co-Founder, Mentura Group

Sami Honkaniemi has been working in telecommunications business for more than 20 years and with critical communications networks since 2000. He co-founded Mentura Group and is currently its chief visionary officer (CVO). Mentura Group is a leading provider of service management solutions for critical communications, currently pioneering with automation solutions and migration to LTE. During his career, Sami has been deeply involved in developing the platforms and solutions for systems management and data applications on PMR systems for improving the efficiency and security of mission-critical operations. He has extensive experience in specifying, developing and deploying end-to-end architectures for network operations and various different end-user domains. His concrete approach in addition to his considerable experience and technical knowledge, have made him also a highly valued speaker in industry events.

Yann Marston, Head of Strategic Sales, Motorola Solutions

Yann is presently responsible for Strategic Sales at Motorola Solutions. An experienced dealmaker for 20 years, Yann is part strategist, part consultant and part technologist specialising in creating and interpreting value from complexity in our digital world. He now leads the development of a fully integrated cloud-based control room solution for the UK, having already secured the first 10-year service contract.

Paul Kennedy, Former Deputy Chief Constable, North Yorkshire Police

Kennedy enjoyed a 30 year career in the police service, having served in four UK police forces and having attained the rank of Deputy Chief Constable. His earlier career centred on serious crime investigation, having led more than 70 enquiries into cases of murder, kidnap, abduction and extortion. Amongst those were a number of high profile criminal investigations through which he became skilled in media management. In 2010, Kennedy was seconded to Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary where he led a value for money inspection of criminal justice reforms in the Metropolitan Police, leading a team of senior police officers, barristers and civil servants. Having successfully completed the College of Policing’s Strategic Command Course in 2013, Kennedy then became a chief police officer for North Yorkshire Police, responsible for all aspects of operational policing in the county. He was subsequently appointed the National Police Chief Council’s (NPCC) lead for Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) in which he led the project with the UK Home Office to deliver a new £30 million National ANPR Service, the world’s largest ANPR database, based on cutting-edge cloud technology and software applications. Kennedy returned to the College of Policing in 2016 as a Director on the Strategic Command Course, enjoying the opportunity to support the professional development of other chief officers. As Deputy Chief Constable for North Yorkshire Police and in the final chapter of his service, Kennedy led on information technology that included a multi-million pound investment into mobile police technologies and substantial engagement with the Police ICT Company. Kennedy retired from policing in March, 2017. As founder of the UK Blue Light Channel programme, Kennedy now works as an independent strategic advisor for law enforcement agencies and technology suppliers, working towards improved engagements for all stakeholders involved in police technology.

Richard Perkins, Director Public Safety, EMEA at NICE

Perkins has worked in the public safety and security industries for more than 20 years, with a focus on diverse solutions designed to improve public safety, security and operational efficiency. Recently he has led initiatives in the digital evidence management space across EMEA and in securing key initial reference customers in this critical market for NICE.

TJ Kennedy, Co-Founder, The Public Safety Network

TJ Kennedy is one of the co-founders and principals of the Public Safety Network. TJ has had a 25-year career in wireless technology and public safety. Prior to the Public Safety Network, TJ was the President of the First Responder Network Authority, known as FirstNet, an independent government authority charged with creating the first ever financially self-sustaining broadband nationwide network for public safety. TJ led FirstNet from a start-up inside the United States government to become a $40 billion public-private partnership (PPP) that is governing a mission critical 4G LTE network in all 50 US states, five territories, and the District of Columbia. This PPP is the largest ever in the United States and is now providing prioritised and pre-emptive public safety communications to law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services personnel. Prior to joining FirstNet, TJ was the President of Raytheon JPS Communications and led the public safety business at Raytheon Company. Countries around the world are learning from the FirstNet model and are looking to emulate its success. Technology companies seek TJ’s advice on how they can create the Internet of Life Saving Things (IoLST) and how to encourage public safety to embrace technology to enable the ways they respond, interact, and serve the public in its greatest time of need. As a reliable and dedicated leader, TJ has defined and achieved organisational excellence and created complex business strategies that have achieved incredible results while working in a political environment with diverse stakeholders. TJ received his BS from the University of Utah and his MBA from Johns Hopkins University.

Reinard van Loo, Senior Advisor Domain Sales Expert UK & Public Safety International Sales, Frequentis AG & Innovationsstraße

After finishing his masters in Philosophy and Computer Science at the Technical University of Twente (The Netherlands) in 1997, Reinard worked as an exchange researcher at the Austrian Research Centre Seibersdorf (ARCS) in Vienna. After joining Frequentis as a usability engineer in 2000, he focused on the design of control room solutions and their user interfaces for Frequentis’ world-wide military and public safety customers. After four years working at Frequentis’ London office on various major public safety projects (CAD, TETRA, ICCS, CCTV, APLS, ALIAS, etc.), he returned in 2009 to Frequentis Vienna’s HQ to work on future user interface concepts for control room working positions based on operational needs. In January 2013 he joined the public safety business unit to incorporate these experiences into Frequentis’ new web based integrated control room platform 3020 LifeXtm, earning him two patents. His focus is now on new ways of communicating with the public and within agencies, and integrating these in the overall control room environment; he is also involved in the discussions around ESN transition in the UK. He now lives in Vienna with his wife and two children.

Dr Mythri Hunukumbure, Principal Research Engineer, Samsung R&D Institute UK

Dr Mythri Hunukumbure is a Principal Research Engineer at Samsung R&D Institute UK (SRUK). In an industry career spanning more than 12 years, he has contributed to wireless communication research, standardisation and product development. Mythri has published/presented his research in many renowned journals and conferences and has secured more than 35 patents. He is currently leading and co-ordinating the SRUK participation in the flagship European research project ONE5G.

Iain Ivory, Founder, Partner & Managing Consultant, Hermitage Comms LLP

In 2016, Iain founded Hermitage Comms, a specialist Telecoms & IT Consultancy that primarily works with government and public safety organisations to help assess the benefits and impact of the rapidly changing telecoms industry. His work covers evaluation of emerging telecoms standards, assessment of existing IT & telecoms systems and future strategies and he has supported clients in developing strategies for migration of system to the cloud. Prior to founding Hermitage Comms, Iain held a number of roles over 16 years with Motorola Solutions, including five years as Director of Motorola’s TETRA Device business. With Motorola he was involved in the development and deployment of TETRA across the world. He has been an active contributor to TCCA for many years and is currently a member of the Critical Communications Broadband Group within TCCA.

Jarno Majava, Director, Sales, EMEA, Bittium

Jarno Majava is Sales Director at Bittium, a Finnish provider of reliable, secure connectivity solutions and advanced mobile communication products. In this role, Majava leads sales activities of Bittium Tough Mobile and other public safety and cybersecurity products in several EMEA countries, including direct and channel sales, special customer projects and industry partnering. He is currently based in Oulu, Finland. Majava was previously in charge of Bittium’s global mobile satellite solutions (MSS) offering, which Bittium has delivered for several customers worldwide. Then based in Washington DC, Majava was also responsible for new customer acquisition and partner ecosystem development across the Eastern region of the United States. Leveraging a successful track record in product management, strategy and business development, Majava brings more than 20 years of wireless experience to Bittium. He has held several key positions within Nokia Group, including roles in corporate strategy, partnering, online sales, and the development of new product concepts. Mr. Majava earned his MSc in Technology, Industrial Engineering & Management from Oulu University in Finland.

Carol Norfolk, Head of Force Control Room, Kent Police

Carol Norfolk has served for 27 years with Kent Police as a police staff employee working within communications. She has held almost all the roles in the control room over her years of service and career progression and served across 14 different chief superintendents in the command, since centralisation of the Force Control Room in 2001. This has made Carol an excellent repository of organisational memory and consistency within the business , while her work to evolve the service and look over the horizon for what’s next keeps her interest alive. She has a passion for contact management, making a difference to the public we service and is always ready for the next challenge.

Gavin R. Hayes, Director & National Events Coordinator, APCO Canada

In 2007 Gavin Hayes became involved in both Public Safety Communications and APCO Canada. Since that time, he has served on APCO Canada's Board of Directors, was elected to the position of President on two separate occasions and has been the National Events Coordinator for the past four years. During his time as both Vice-President and President, Gavin was appointed as the Chair of the APCO Global Alliance for two terms. While occupying this position he was involved in several international initiatives within the United Arab Emirates. In 2011, Gavin retired from a rewarding 31-year policing career as a Staff Sergeant with the Halton Regional Police Service. During his time with the Service, Gavin had the opportunity to manage its Regional PSAP. It was then he fully realised and grasped the efforts and professionalism of the people ‘in the seats’ who truly are the ‘first, first responders’ to any call or emergency. Since retiring, Gavin has taken on several full-time positions including a Police Foundations Instructor at Trillium College, the Supervisor of the Corporate Security Department at Porter Airlines in Toronto and is presently an Investigator/Analyst with the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) which oversees conduct complaints against police officers in the Province of Ontario. Although retired from public safety and law enforcement, Gavin has maintained his connection to the public safety communications community through his work for not only APCO Canada, but through his deep connections with other affiliated Public Safety Communications Associations (iCERT, NENA, BAPCO and APCO International). "

Robert Stewart, Past President, APCO Canada

Robert Stewart spent 12 years working in one of Canada's largest emergency communications centres and 17 years as a licensed Primary Care Paramedic. In 2010 he was appointed to a Superintendent position with BC Emergency Health Services managing dispatch training, development, and quality improvement across three centres supporting over 240 staff. Robert is currently the Director of Emergency Communications for the City of Brandon in Manitoba. Robert graduated with distinction from the University of the Fraser Valley with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. He has also completed programmes on project management, quality improvement, and communication centre management. Robert lives with his daughter Sophie and his wife Robin. They enjoy bike riding, going to movies and plays, visiting friends and family, and swimming. With encouragement from his family, he started woodturning in 2015 and devotes some of his free time turning mixed resin and wood pieces on his lathe.

Paul Ward, International Sales Director, Etelm

Paul Ward is Director of International Commercial & Marketing activity for ETELM, a manufacturer of TETRA infrastructure technology based in Paris, France. He has more than 20 years’ experience in designing and implementing digital infrastructure for public safety, transport and security sectors worldwide. Paul has an honours degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Nottingham Trent University.

Peter Curnow-Ford, Managing Partner, Viatec

Peter spends a lot of my time with the investment industry helping them with decisions around telecoms investment, He also advises property companies and councils on telecoms infrastructure and have engaged with 5G since early 2014 with vendors, operators, DCMS and Home Office, Ofcom, EU/EC and many international organisations including operators, FCC and FirstNet. He has been the Chair Spectrum Access and Use at the UK Spectrum Policy Forum since 2013 (its remit includes spectrum for 5G, public safety, rail, utilities and wireless backhaul) and was an industry advisor to the early ESMCP and then later ESN team, including Home Office and Dept BIS on technology and procurement models. Peter has just delivered the 5G Commercial Strategy, Value Proposition and Go To Market Plan for the Digital Catapult including a focus on public safety, IoT and smart cities.

Robin Davis, Executive Director, Actica Consulting

Robin Davis is an independent government advisor and technology advocate, who has advised government bodies and many public safety agencies around the world on the deployment of large scale leading edge technology projects and programmes. Specific to mission critical communications he has a detailed understanding of operational systems, LTE, TETRA radio, broadband and complex control room integration. His experience covers working across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, India, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. He is a specialist in providing business case justification, benchmarking and procurement support for complex technology programmes and is currently advising various government, public safety, transport and utility organisations. Robin is currently Chairman of the TCCA Transportation Group, a role he has undertaken for the last ten years.

Juha Eskelin, Head of SafeMove Security Product Line, BITTIUM

Juha Eskelin (MSc Tech) works as the Head of SafeMove security product line at Bittium. Eskelin has 20 years experience of working with network, mobile and IoT cybersecurity. During his career he has architected security products and communications protocols protecting critical infrastructure and other industries where security is paramount.

Nicholas Koiza, Head of Security Business, Plextek

Nick leads Plextek’s business in the security market and acts as a trusted advisor on mission-critical LTE communications and IoT-based safe cities solutions. He has a long and successful track record across global security & public safety sectors, where he has developed a strong reputation as a leading authority in secure critical communications. He has held senior management positions in public and private companies spanning IT, technology and communications, and has also co-founded and managed Cambridge-based businesses. Nick began his career with the European Space Agency in Germany where he acted as a member of the Mission Control Team for a spacecraft launched aboard NASA’s Space Shuttle. A Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, Nick holds a Diploma from the University of Cambridge and MSc and BSc honours degrees in Space Science and Computer Science, respectively.

Nick Smye, Principal Consultant, Mason Advisory Ltd

Nick Smye is a Principal Consultant with Mason Advisory. Nick has more than 35 years’ experience in the communications industry. He previously worked in the electricity industry for nearly 10 years, where he gained valuable first-hand experience in the design, development and planning of mobile and fixed radio communications services. Nick now focuses on public sector, delivering major projects for clients including major emergency service organisations, and government departments. He is currently chair of TCCA’s SCADA, Telemetry and Smart Grid Working Group and has written a number of articles and whitepapers on IoT related subjects.

Jeppe Jepsen, Director of Spectrum, TCCA

Jeppe’s host organisation is Motorola Solutions and since joining Motorola in 1979 he has been involved in system engineering, international business, marketing and sales. His international experience ranges from the Middle East, the Far East and Latin America. He has been based in Chicago, Copenhagen and now Brussels. Jeppe has held several positions in TCCA right from the beginning in 1995 – he is a Director and member of the Board and he acts as TCCA Director of Broadband Spectrum. Jeppe is also the elected Chairman of PSC-Europe’s Spectrum group. His speciality is public safety; an area where he has spent the last 39 years of his career. Jeppe holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.

Richard Martin, Technical Writer, Writecliffs

A regular contributor to Critical Communications Today for the last three years, Richard previously worked for many years in mobile communications and latterly in TETRA for Motorola Solutions. He has contributed papers at CCW on many occasions including 2017 in Hong Kong at which he chaired a stream. He has been a member of the TCCA Marketing Group for more than five years. He continues to write about and closely watch developments in critical communications.

Tero Pesonen, TCCA Board Member and Director & Chair, Critical Communications Broadband Group (CCBG)

Tero Pesonen has been involved in various management and leadership tasks in global positions involving strong customer intimacy, strategic business orientation and wide-ranging solution development. He has been involved with the Professional Mobile Radio communication business since 1997 and in particular with promoting and organising TETRA Interoperability activities. Most recently, Pesonen has been involved in ground breaking work related to new opportunities in mission critical broadband. Tero works closely with major public safety and critical infrastructure operators and users in creating advanced solutions to meet mission critical requirements. He has been the chairman of the TCCA Critical Communications Broadband Group (CCBG) since September 2014, where he is where he is strongly involved in bringing different stakeholders together to create a common critical broadband future. He is also a TCCA Board Member. Tero holds Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering and in Economics.

Morten Brøgger, CEO, Wire

Morten Brøgger is the CEO of Wire with over 20 years’ experience in the technology industry. Throughout his career, he has expanded companies across Europe and integrated them into the US market. He has extensive go-to-market experience, a background in SaaS, and strong connections in international telecommunications. Morten’s career is focused on accelerating growth and profitability through a strong and well-structured commercial organisation. Prior to joining Wire, Morten was the CEO at Huddle, a business collaboration software start-up, where he focused on territorial expansion and sales operations. Before Huddle, Morten was the CEO of MACH (owned by Warburg Pincus), a provider of hub-based mobile communication solutions, where he brought new cloud services to market, accelerated business into adjacent markets and achieved the highest customer and employee satisfaction rate in the history of the company. Morten led MACH’s growth until its acquisition by Syniverse in 2013 for €550 million, and following the merger he subsequently served as global Chief Sales Officer for Syniverse, which serves more than 95 per cent of the world’s mobile operators. Morten has held executive positions at Sunrise Switzerland, TDC Denmark, ATEA Denmark and has served as a board member for various international IT companies. He holds a Master of Arts degree from Aarhus University’s Business School in International Marketing Management.

Christopher Eccles, CTO, Coeus Software

Christopher is co-founder and CTO of Coeus Software and is responsible for software strategy, architecture and implementation of the PoliceBox / Quvo / Mozzo product lines, and R&D activities. After graduating from Cambridge University, Christopher joined the BBC’s Engineering department where he worked with multidisciplinary capital project teams and re-engineered fault-tolerant TV transmitter systems around the UK to improve quality and power efficiency. He also developed project management and automated testing software before PC-based systems became generally available. Having achieved an MSc in Project Engineering at Lancaster University, he moved into control systems, managing the introduction of a national automated monitoring system for more than 1,000 BBC transmitter sites across the UK. Christopher also project managed the roll-out of a worldwide digital satellite distribution system for the BBC World Service. Having earned an additional MSc in Software Development at Coventry University, he established his own software consultancy business. This company specified and developed applications for major public and private sector clients. This included an incident management and reporting system used in the BBC World Service control room at Bush House and at major sites around the world. Recognising the emerging potential of mobile devices to transform business productivity, Christopher teamed up with Simon Hall in 2006 to found the company that would become Coeus. Since then, he has led the teams developing Coeus’ range of mobile applications. Christopher is a member of the IET and is a Chartered Engineer.

Catalin Gheorghiu, Business Product Manager, Airbus Defence and Space

Catalin has a deep understanding of mobile technologies due to his extensive experience in doing business with global consumer electronics companies. He has previously worked with Nokia and Microsoft, holding a number of product management creation roles. Catalin’s expertise is particularly strong in product, innovation and business management. He has a track record of bringing a number of innovations successfully to the consumer and public safety market, including driving the product development of the award-winning Tactilon Dabat as well as new innovations in the area of mission-critical communications.

Tapio Mäkinen, Director, Airbus SLC

Tapio Mäkinen earned his Master of Science degree in 1988 from Helsinki University of Technology. He holds an extensive background in IT software and the telecommunications industry. He has held various positions within Softline Technology, Nokia and EADS. His responsibilities have included managing and leading R&D projects, standardisation of wireless application protocols, sales collaboration with partners, product management, business development, innovation management, brand management, and a wide range of sales and marketing activities. He is Chairman of the Finnish Command & Control Association and has worked intensively on mission-critical communication solutions alongside TETRA, TETRAPOL, P25 and LTE users and industry partners during the last 20 years.

Eric Davalo, Head of Strategic Development, Airbus SLC

Eric Davalo joined Airbus in 2004. Before that he worked for 11 years at Nortel Networks in various positions from software designer to Director of Technical Sales support. He then joined Maple Networks, a telecom start-up in the Silicon Valley, as CTO. At Airbus, he has been in charge of various positions in secured communications, intelligence and cyber security markets including strategy, portfolio management, standardisation, regulation, business development, general management and technology initiatives. He is now in charge of strategy, marketing, portfolio management and business development for Airbus Secure Land Communications.

Noel Kirkaldy, Business Development Director, Public Sector, Nokia

Noel Kirkaldy is responsible for Business Development in Europe, Middle East and Africa for the Public Sector Group of Nokia. Noel has over 30 years in the telecoms industry; having begun his career working in Europe and the US he has spent the past 25 years based in the Middle Eastern and African region. He works with commercial and public sector operators to provide commercial and market-facing expertise and engagement support for their end-to-end telecommunication and mission critical solutions. He has also been working with Governments and Regulators and associated Industry organisations to enable the allocation of additional spectrum that will be required to develop the commercial and public sector markets.

Mika Laitinen, Head of TETRA Portfolio Management, Airbus Defence and Space

Mika Laitinen joined Airbus Defence and Space in 2008. Since then, Mika has been responsible for Airbus Defence and Space's TETRA portfolio and its relationships with TETRA customers. Mika has more than 20 years' experience in wireless telecommunications. Before joining Airbus, he held multiple product management and expert roles in the field of 3G and LTE networks.

Carlos Díez Sánchez, Haramain System Design Manager, Haramain Project

Carlos Díez attended Polytechnic University at 1997, finishing his studies in 2004 with a Telecommunications Engineering Degree. He also obtained a Master in Business Administration in CESMA Business School in 2003. After he completed his university studies, he joined Ineco's Railway Systems Engineering department in September 2004. Carlos has been a Project Manager at Ineco for more than 10 years. He has participated in many high speed lines projects such as Madrid-Valladolid, Madrid-Valencia, and Barcelona-Figueres. His work also involves modernisation projects across the rest of the Spanish rail network, introducing new technologies, like MPLS or VoIP, that need to co-exist with older ones, such as analogue telephones and PDH. At the international level, Carlos was in charge of the communication part of designs for three new lines in Israel. For the last five years, he has been involved in the Haramain High Speed Project, where he became the System Design Coordinator. This project involves a 450 km line in Saudi Arabia between Makkah and Madinah.

Adrian Scrase, CTO, ETSI & Head of MCC, 3GPP

Adrian Scrase played a central role in the creation of the “3rd Generation Partnership Project” (3GPP) and is responsible for the operations of the 3GPP Project Co-ordination Group. He heads 3GPPs’ Mobile Competence Centre (MCC) which is an International team of 20 experts who provide comprehensive support to the Project. He was also principally involved in the formation of the “oneM2M” Partnership Project and oversees ETSI’s support to that initiative. He is CTO within ETSI with operational responsibility for all of ETSI’s standards production activities. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the telecommunications field, which includes 25 years of experience in standardisation.

Philippe Agard, Vice President Public Safety and Defence Markets, Nokia

Philippe Agard is currently Vice President of Public Safety and Defense Markets in Nokia since 2013. He also chairs the critical communications Broadband Industry Group (BIG), a The Critical Communications Association (TCCA) Working Group formed to encourage broadband vendor cooperation in the development of common global critical communications solutions. He is also a member of TCCA board. Philippe has spent his entire career within Alcatel, Alcatel-Lucent and now Nokia. He previously held several positions of director in Mobile Networks Business Group, Project Finance and Vertical Markets activities. Philippe graduated from the Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité (Supélec) in France. He holds the International Diploma from Imperial College (London) and a Diploma of Advanced Economic Studies (DEA) from Dauphine, Paris. He also graduated from IHEDN (Institut des hautes études de défense nationale) translates as the Institute of Advanced Studies in National Defence in 2013.

Jarmo Vinkvist, CEO, Suomen Virveverkko, Part of Erillisverkot Group

Jarmo Vinkvist joined the State Security Networks Group in 2005, working as Vice Presedent for four year, before becoming COO in 2009 and CEO for Suomen Virveverkko Ltd in 2013 . He is responsible of operating VIRVE network, which is a countrywide Tetra network in Finland for Public Safety Authorities. Prior to joining the State Security Networks he worked for Telecom Cable Industry (Nokia Group, and later NKF Holding N.V. and Draka Holding N.V.) before becoming CFO for a Telecom project in Sao Paulo state, Brazil and as CFO for a Telecom distributor company in Texas, USA. Vinkvist holds a Master in Science (economics) and eMBA degrees. His military rank is Major (reserve) in Finnish Defence Forces.

Mike Isherwood, Managing Director, APD Communications Ltd

Mike has worked in the IT and Telecommunications industries throughout his career. He has used technology to help both commercial and public sector organisations to reduce cost, increase efficiency and deliver better operational outcomes. As a control room geek, Mike loves being in control rooms and helping them to save lives through technology. Mike is also Chair of the Small Business Group of British APCO, which sets out to promote and support innovative small businesses. The group aims to provide a representative voice for small and micro-sized companies in the public safety sector.

Hannu Aronsson, Chair & Head of Applications Technology, TCCA Applications Working Group & Portalify, Sepura and Hytera

Hannu Aronsson is the chair of the TCCA Applications working group, and Head of Applications Technology at Portalify Ltd, which is part of Sepura and Hytera. Aronsson has extensive experience in mission critical data applications, from standardisation to planning, designing, developing and deploying mission critical operational apps up to nationwide solutions.

Inspector Martin Leeland, Police Liaison Officer, Operational Communications in Policing (OCiP)

Martin Leeland was a police officer for 22 years, specialising in operational policing, search, CBRN, public order, and specialist training. He is currently seconded to Operational Communication in Policing as a Police Liaison Officer looking at how the Airwave network fits into operational policing. He is also the National operational lead for Airwave Tactical Advisors and has developed the Governance Structure and Strategy for the operational use of Airwave Tactical Advisors

Dawn Griffiths, Project Manager, Sepura

Dawn Griffiths has been a Business Development Manager within the field of critical communications for over 13 years with over 25 years’ experience in the wider communications industry. She has extensive experience in developing a solution to meet customers’ needs and deliver business critical communications focused on driving efficiencies and providing a scalable, secure and reliable communication platform.

Stephen Beach, Sales Director, EMEA Software Enterprise

Stephen Beach has been driving intelligence-led policing solutions both in the United States and more recently in the UK for the past 3 years. His background includes 20 years working with public safety – specifically within command and control. Steve lives in London and leads Motorola’s Software Enterprise team responsible for leveraging unified communications and turning disparate data into actionable intelligence.

Steve Whatson, Deputy Director, ESN, Home Office, United Kingdom

Steve Whatson is the Head of User Engagement in the Emergency Services Mobile Communications Programme (ESMCP), the Home Office based team leading the delivery of the world’s first ‘second generation’ integrated critical communications system – the new Emergency Services Network. The new network is the largest IT transformational project in the Home Office, with a budget of £4.9 billion, and a key programme in the Government Major Projects Portfolio. Steve joined the Home Office in January 2014 as Deputy Director on the ESMCP in charge of the Technical Solutions area. The Technical Solutions team is responsible for the delivery of the User Services and Mobile Services Lots in the main procurement, a number of related procurements (extended area services, handheld and vehicle devices, air to ground network and devices and control room upgrades) and dependent programmes such as Mobile Infrastructure Programme, Crossrail and London Underground. Steve joined from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) where he had been since 2008 having been specifically recruited to manage the ICT security for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. As the UK’s largest ever-peacetime mobilisation of police officers, Steve worked at the highest levels within the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG), Government Departments, emergency services and suppliers to deliver what is considered one of the most successful Games in history. Under Steve’s management ICT security was also delivered ahead of schedule and to budget. After the Games, Steve continued to manage the MPS’ largest ICT projects amounting to a value of £80 million per year. These included: leading the replacement of the UK’s largest emergency services call handling system, driving the MPS’ mobility programme and replacing the MPS’ many legacy operational systems with a single solution. Prior to joining the MPS Steve spent 14 years as a founding Director of a software consultancy, Infomatrix Ltd, based in Cambridge specialising in radio communications and software development both for public and private sector companies whose clients included London Buses (TFL), Selex Communications and Simoco.

Richard Russell, Business Development Manager UK & Ireland, Tait Communications

With a diverse telecommunications career spanning 36 years, Richard Russell gained extensive experience in Business and Mission Critical narrow and broadband radio communication technologies. Richard joined Tait Communications in 2018 as Business Development Manager UK & Ireland, focused on critical communications for Utilities, Transportation and in particular Public Safety. Before he held numerous EMEA technical and business positions at Motorola and Roadphone NRB. He views the Public Safety area as one of special relevance with exciting developments of solutions that will add real-life value to front-line services. Having worked with Fire Rescue Service and SCBA manufacturers, Richard drove a development program of fire ground incident communications and SCBA communication solutions to significantly improve the quality of fire fighter communications and enhance their safety. Richard is a contributor and adviser to industry journals and British APCO Executive Committee Member

Martin Whitcroft, Business Development Manager for Private Broadband Solutions, Motorola Solutions

Martin Whitcroft is the Business Development Manager for Private Broadband Solutions at Motorola Solutions, representing Europe, Middle East and Africa region. Martin is a Chartered Engineer with 27 years experience in many wire line and wireless communications technologies with specific focus on Public Safety LTE over the last 7 years. He is based in the United Kingdom and has had extensive business travel across Europe, Middle East and Africa where he has been instrumental in winning and delivering key Private Broadband Solutions.

David Chater-Lea, Fellow of Technical Staff, Motorola Solutions

David is a senior technologist working for Motorola Solutions in the area of advanced system architecture and design, and a specialist in wireless communication system security. He is active in the standardisation of mission critical communications systems, and holds a number of positions of responsibility in that field, acting as vice chairman of ETSI TC TCCE, chairman of TC TCCE WG4, responsible for high speed data and broadband services, vice chairman of TC TCCE WG6, responsible for security, and vice chairman of 3GPP SA6, responsible for mission critical application design.

David King, Regional Sales Manager, Frequentis UK Ltd

David King has been in the Communications and IT industry for over 30 years with a vast majority of that time dedicated to working with the Emergency Services. For the last seven years, David has been the lead for Frequentis Public Safety in the UK, involved with the evolution of all Police, Fire and Ambulance customers. Previous to this, he was with telent, Marconi, Siemens, and GEC.

Jon Cossins, Product Manager, Sepura

Jon leads the commercialisation of Sepura’s critical communications applications technologies and promotion of the applications product portfolio which enables public safety organisations to maximise safety and working efficiencies. Prior to Joining Sepura in 2018, Jon held technical, commercial and strategic management roles, successfully matching technology capabilities to market needs across a number of industries including safety, medical and printing.

Chris Jones, CEO, PageOne

Chris is a Chartered Engineer in digital communications and has been in the communications industry for more than 30 years. His career has spanned the Metropolitan Police, Cable & Wireless, Mercury Communications and most recently PageOne Communications Ltd. As CEO of PageOne since 2003, Chris has led the growth and diversification from one-way paging to a multi-channel critical messaging company. The development of Triple Resilience paging has seen a significant take-up in paging services over the last 24 months, becoming an important element to a comprehensive critical messaging solution.

George Rice, Partner, RedFlash Group

George Rice is a Partner with the RedFlash Group, a strategic communications and consulting firm specializing in outreach, branding, policy development and research in support of public safety agencies and enterprises. He has a diverse background covering 30 years in public safety and global engagement, and has led an array of enterprises to achievement through innovative approaches. He is a former American enforcement and intelligence agent and has headed a series of nonprofit programs and organizations directed at public safety and emergency services, with a focus on the technologies that enhance these vital interests; including the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International and the Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies (iCERT). George holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Alvernia University in Reading, Pa. USA and a CPM in Public Management from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Barbara Held, Head of Directorate, Strategy and Central Management, Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS)

Barbara Held is currently Head of Directorate – General Strategy and Central Management at the German Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS). This department is the Single Point of Contact for all end-user requirements and requests. In addition, it is responsible for the implementation of the agency`s strategy and the further development of the Public Safety Digital Radio network. She joined the BDBOS in August 2012 as Head of Directorate General Affairs. Following her academic career in Communication Science at Freie Universität Berlin, Held was hired in 2000 by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) to work for the Federal Coordination Board for the ICT in the German Government (KBST). Among her tasks was the promotion of Open Standards as well as the management of several eGovernment projects. From 2004 to 2008 Held was seconded as National Expert to the European Commission (DG Entreprise and DG Informatics) covering various topics in the area of cross-border data exchange. Back in Berlin she became member of the unit “Police Information Matters” in the BMI,serving as head of the German delegation in the relevant EU-Council working groups (Schengen and DAPIX). In 2012, Held attended a six month course in “International Security Policy” at the German Federal Academy for Security Studies (Berlin). She holds a PhD in Communication Science and is a TCCA board member and director.

Mladen Vratonjic, Chair, TCCA

Mladen Vratonjić has more than three decades’ experience in telecommunications, including ten in public safety. He was responsible for all telecommunication systems for the Serbian police and fire brigades including the emergency call centres and Serbia’s public safety TETRA network. He is an expert of Geneva DCAF (Democratic Control of Armed Forces), former chair of the Western Balkans Telecommunications Committee for improvement of cross-border cooperation, and is vice-chair at EENA (European Emergency Number Association).

Manuel Ruiz, VP Global Head of Mission Critical and Private Networks, Ericsson AB

Manuel Ruiz is the Global Head of Mission Critical and Private Networks in Ericsson. He has more than 20 years in the communication and Defence & Security sectors. He has held different management positions in Ericsson as Global Head of Public Safety and as Regional Head of Public Safety. Prior to Ericsson he worked at Indra, including similar global responsibilities, the last one Global Head of C4ISR Product and Business Development. He is MSc. Engineer from the Universidad Politecnica of Madrid, and specialised in the École Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées (ENSTA) of Paris. He has a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Berkeley, California. He was decorated with the Naval Cross of Merit of the Spanish Navy

Brian Hunter, Business Development Executive, 3tc Software Ltd

Brian is a 3tc Software Business Development Executive with responsibility for the daily account management of our Mobile Data, Incident Command and Water Management customers throughout the UK. Brian has extensive experience in this area, having worked for other providers before joining 3tc. Having previously performed the role of Technical Product Manager Brian is actively involved in the future direction of the products, which products will evolve and what direction they will take.

Edward Parkinson, Chief Executive Officer, FirstNet

Edward Parkinson was named Acting Chief Executive Officer in October 2018. Previously he served as the Director of External Affairs, where he was responsible for all external communications and intergovernmental relations with local, state and federal organisations. Before joining FirstNet, Mr Parkinson served for five years as a professional staff member for the House Homeland Security Committee, then chaired by Rep. Peter T. King of New York. During this period, Mr Parkinson’s primary responsibility was in the field of first responder telecommunications. He also worked on issues including national security, emergency preparedness, and cybersecurity. Previously Mr Parkinson served as an associate at Kearsage Global Advisors, an advocacy firm, and a research analyst at McKenna, Long and Aldridge, an international law firm specialising in public policy. Mr Parkinson holds degrees from Georgetown University (M.A), and WITS University, (B.A., Hons)

Peter Warren, Head of Public Safety EMEA, Cradlepoint

Peter Warren leads the public safety practice in EMEA for Cradlepoint, the global leader in cloud-delivered LTE and 5G wireless network edge solutions. As a seasoned director, Peter works with first responder and emergency service teams to ensure they have secure and reliable access to LTE connectivity, specialising in delivering projects involving nationwide public safety networks. He has a proven track record of getting under the hood of an organisation and understanding where the gaps are and executing strategies that consistently deliver success. Peter has more than 26 years’ experience in organisations such as Sonus, Avaya and Motorola, and holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Timo Piironen, Senior Manager, Defense & Security, Bittium

Mr Timo Piironen (MSc, EE, eMBA) works in product management for Bittium Defense & Security products. He has 36 years of experience in product and business development, including wireless terminals, accessories, tactical networks and intelligent optical sensors. He has extensive programme and business management background in satellite handsets, secure smartphones and device to device solutions for public safety users. Combining new evolving technologies to produce secured services and solid end user experience thrives him in his current professional activities.

Bryan Clark, ESN Programme Director, Home Office

Bryan Clark was appointed Programme Director for Emergency Services Network in March 2018. Previously he was Director of Digital and Change at Her Majesty’s Prisons and Probation Service. Bryan has worked in technology for over 30 years. Before entering the public sector he was the CEO of Sumerian Europe Ltd, and he previously spent 15 years as Partner and European CIO of KPMG. Earlier in his career, Bryan held numerous technical and management roles including project management, analytics consulting and product management and stints with Admiral.

Heikki Riippa, PPDR ICT Professional, CritiCon Oy

Heikki is a critical communication professional. During his years in Finnish National Police Forces he was acting in different roles on developing and coordinating ICT and Mobile Technologies. He was also coordinating the international Law Enforce technology co-operation for Law Enforcement Agencies in EU as an ENLETS Core Group Member and NCP. He has over 40 years working experience (28 years in Police) on radio communications and on information technology area in different roles (operator, specialist, CIO, CTO). Since from middle of 1990's Riippa has been member on EU Council workgroups (SCHENGEN TELECOM, LEWP Radio Communication Expert Group) and other co-operation forums for mission critical communications (e.g. Public Safety Radio Group). Riippa was also member of the team who procured and launched TETRA network for Police and other PPDR agencies during 1990´s. Under his supervision (CIO and director for Police Data Management Agency, 8 years) the first generation mobile field command system was developed and implemented for Police, Fire Brigades and Military use. As a director/co-director of Police Technical Centre (6 years), among wide range of police technology procurement and logistics, he was supervising the police car production with all necessary communication technology and ICT solutions. During his last year in force, Heikki was working on H2020 funded BroadMap project as a work package leader. Heikki Riippa holds a M.Sc. from Oulu University Information Processing Science Institute (1995).

He Gao, Research fellow, Imperial College London

Dr He Gao is a research fellow at Imperial College London. Her work focuses on genetic epidemiology using large population study and biobank data. She received her PhD degree from a joint programme between National University of Singapore and Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Currently she works primarily on the Airwave Health Monitoring Study, a longitudinal cohort study that investigates the effects of TETRA radio and other risk factors on the health of police officers and staff in UK.

Andrew White, Assistant Chief Officer, Resources at Lincolnshire Police

Andrew White was appointed as the Assistant Chief Officer (ACO) in June 2017. He has spent the last decade in police governance working as Chief Executive for Police Authorities and Police and Crime Commissioners in Hertfordshire and Devon & Cornwall. Whilst at the Devon & Cornwall Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner, Andrew led the team that identified significant shortcomings in the Government’s Funding Reform Proposals in 2015. This work directly led to the Government’s decision to withdraw their proposals. Andrew continues to take a keen interest in police funding with a view to Lincolnshire receiving fair funding. Prior to moving into the world of policing, Andrew worked across the Civil Service finishing with a decade at Ofsted as Head of Human Resources and then Director of Corporate Services. In that time, Andrew was central to Ofsted taking responsibility for the inspection and regulation of childcare in 2001. When not working, he is a keen tennis player and occasional golfer as well as an avid devourer of music from the late fifties to the present day – his tastes are more often described obscure rather than mainstream. The love of music is demonstrated by regular attendance at festivals and other gigs.

Achilleas Kemos, Programme Officer, Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology, European Commission

Alfonso Zamarro, Drones Activities Manager, EENA

Alfonso is an entrepreneur passionate about how to combine technology and public safety to solve global issues. He started working with EENA in different drone projects since 2015. He also contributed to the launch of the EENA Crisis Tech Startup Program, aiming to bring startups closer to first responders. Now, he is the Drones Activities Manager, leading & coordinating all drone-related projects within the EENA framework. Alfonso is also the CEO & Co-founder of Unblur, a startup helping incident commanders in the field cope with real-time data in the field.

Police Sergeant James Rees, Drone Team Manager, Devon and Cornwall Police and Dorset Police

James Rees has been a police officer with Devon and Cornwall Police for the last 13 years. He has spent much of his career specialising in firearms and has previously been an operational firearms commander and firearms tactics advisor. Relatively new to drone technology, James became the Accountable manager and Drone Team Manager for all drone activity within Devon and Cornwall Police and Dorset Police in 2018. He now oversees 50 pilots across their policing alliance and is also a regional chair for the National Police Chief’s Council Emergency Services Drone Operators group.

Keith Robinson, Managing Director, Airvis Ltd

A resolute executive and leader with extensive experience of providing protection of people, assets and infrastructure. Amalgamated proficiencies derived from the military and private sector within the UK and international hostile environments. Throughout his career, Keith Robinson has supervised operations both armed and un armed in, close protection, surveillance and investigations, residential security (HNW), and public events. Keith is the founder and Managing Director of Airvis Ltd. specialising in the service delivery of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). Airvis provides professionally trained and licensed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), aka drone, security and surveillance teams nationwide within the United Kingdom.

Nicola Savage, Sales and Marketing Director, Excelerate Group

As Sales and Marketing Director of Excelerate Group, Nicola has been integral to the advancement and expansion of Excelerate. Joining the business at its inception, an innovative and creative thinker Nicola has specialised in sales and marketing and with commercial focus has cemented the Excelerate brand within the marketplace. A Patron of UKRO, Nicola is an advocate for technology advancement within the emergency services.

Simon Hill, Technical Director, Excelerate Group

Simon is the Technical Director at Excelerate Group and is charged with overseeing all of the research and development, network and security services, technical sales and design consultancy, technical escalation and training functions within the business. Simon joined Excelerate at its inception, bringing with him an entrepreneurial spirit and a broad base of technical knowledge and has been instrumental in a vast catalogue of high profile and successful projects for customers.

Solomon N’Jie, Public Events Counter Drone Specialist, Sol Management Services

Solomon (Sol) N’Jie advises public event organisations in drone operational planning and delivery services together with the implementation of lawful drone detection and countermeasure options. Having originally studied electrical & electronic engineering leading to a successful computer career, with time spent serving in the military, he is well placed to understand drone technologies as they evolve. He also enjoyed a parallel career as a Crowd Safety Management Specialist providing operational planning, safety and delivery services for more than 1,500 significant events. Having gained a PPL(H) he flew helicopters for 20 years and more recently qualified as a commercial drone pilot adding to his aviation experience. He has provided expert witness services over the past five years covering public event injuries for lawyers and courts to use in civil litigation cases. N’Jie also speaks at public events on a range of related subject matters.

Police Constable Tom Shainberg, Senior Pilot, Devon and Cornwall Police and Dorset Police

Tom Shainberg has been a serving police officer since 2008, spending the early part of his career in the Metropolitan Police Service having transferred to Devon & Cornwall Police in 2014. He was one of two officers that drove the adoption and implementation of drones within the force in 2015 and has been instrumental in developing the force’s drone capability ever since. Tom is now the Lead Pilot for D&C and Dorset Police, having deployed to hundreds of policing incidents over the last 3 years. The force now have a cadre of 50 pilots and nearly 30 drones running one of the largest drone operations in the emergency services.

Fredrik Falkman, Head of Innovation, Swedish Sea Rescue Society (Sister org of the RNLI)

Fredrik is an Industrial Designer managing innovation at the Swedish Sea Rescue Society, a charity that does the majority of rescues in Swedish waters. Fredrik heads a project that aims to deploy a fleet of small, remotely launched fixed wing drones around the Swedish coast to enable eyes in the sky within minutes of an emergency call. Fredrik leads the International Maritime Rescue Federation’s Drone Panel. He holds an American and Swedish Private Pilot License with a Sea Plane Rating.

Matti Kronqvist, CEO, NSION Ltd

Kronqvist is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in technology development for highly demanding customers driving new business. His specialities include communication and security technologies and integrated solutions, research and development driver, and is an innovator and inventor. Kronqvist is CEO and Founder at Crown Securities Consulting and Crown Production Ltd. Founder and Former CEO at Eye Solutions Ltd. Strategic level networks globally. Ambitious entrepreneur to design new, leaner and simpler systems. Peacekeeping Veteran in NATO, UN peace stabilisation operation SFOR.

Dr Yong Chang, Vice President, Government and Enterprise Solutions, Samsung Electronics

Dr. Yong Chang, as a corporate vice president, is currently heading B2G(Government) & B2B(Enterprise) solutions in Samsung Electronics. He is specifically focusing on Government and Public Safety using wireless communications (e.g., Land Mobile Radio, LTE and 5G) and their innovations. Now, he is leading the global business with many countries in the area of devices, networks, solutions, services and their ecosystems. Extended areas of his business interest are the industry vertical solutions and their business development in Finance, Mobile Healthcare, Automotive, Connected Retail, Smart Education, Smart Home/Building, Smart Financing, Hospitalises, and so on. And also, he is interested in new business where AI, Edge Computing, IoT, Wearable technologies and their industry standards can apply to. He is an expert in various wireless communication technologies ranging from WiFi, 3G, 4G LTE and 5G to CBRS, LSA and private networks over 25 years. Dr. Chang was served as a vice-chairman of oneM2M international standard organisation and co-leaderships in various industry alliances Prior to joining Samsung Electronics in 1998, Dr. Chang received PhD from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in 1998.

Robert Garbett, Chief Executive, Drone Major Group

Robert Garbett is one of the world’s leading Drone and Counter Drone experts, a global business consultant and a driving force in the delivery of the world’s first international drone standards. He is Founder and Chief Executive of Drone Major Group Ltd, the world’s leading global Drone and Counter Drone consultancy. He is an experienced commentator and interviewee, advising governments and corporates on the commercial potential of drone technology, strategies for countering rogue drone use and the shape of the emerging national and international standards frameworks in light of the drone industry’s continued exponential growth. Robert Garbett is an ex-army entrepreneur who ended his military career in 2007 as the UK’s top airworthiness specialist for the Defence Logistics Organisation. With his CAA Airworthiness accreditation he embarked on a new career in software development and cyber security, eventually focusing on the fast-growth drone industry. He subsequently founded Drone Major Group, which uniquely brings the entire world drone industry together, supporting buyers of drone and counter drone services and providing Consultancy services and resources which help companies to realise the economics of what drones can achieve for them, and help to deliver it. The company also encompasses the world’s largest online drone industry network. Robert Garbett works closely with the British Standards Institution (BSI), Chairing the National Committee on Drone Standards, as well as acting as Convenor of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) working group responsible for global drone standards. He is the only authority worldwide to be advising on standards in Britain, Europe and worldwide and is recognised as a leading authoritative figure and advocate for the global drone industry and its potential to transform economies. Following the high-profile drone incidents at Heathrow and Gatwick airports in late 2018 and early 2019, Robert Garbett has been spearheading Drone Major Group’s Counter Drone consultancy services. Drone Major Group is uniquely positioned to advise the business community on the extraordinary pace at which drone technology is evolving, developing tailored strategies to minimise the impact of rogue drone use.

Geoff Waterhouse, Program Director for Health Infrastructure, NSW Ambulance, Australia

With a successful track record of delivering large-scale and complex programs, Geoff Waterhouse is currently overseeing the implementation of a massive telecommunications upgrade program within NSW Ambulance. Prior to this, he worked with government departments such as NSW Department of Justice and NSW Public Trustee and Guardian, as well as the private sector, to manage a variety of asset development and facility maintenance programs. His qualifications in electrical, electronic and communications engineering have provided an ideal skills base for his successful delivery of multifaceted IT-Communications infrastructure and programs.

Dr Pippa Malmgren, Co-Founder, H Robotics

Pippa Malmgren is a former presidential advisor and a prominent public speaker who co-founded H Robotics, which manufactures AI-led, modular, commercial-use drones for a wide range of industries including mining, oil and gas, insurance, construction and public safety. Malmgren serves on the Drone/UAV Committee of The British Standards Institute and sometimes participates in the Pentagon’s scenario sessions. She also serves as a Senior Associate Fellow of RUSI and on the British Ministry of Defence Working Group on Global Strategic Trends. Malmgren is a member of the Greater London Authority Infrastructure Advisory Board. She served President George W. Bush in the White House and on The National Economic Council where she handled all financial market issues. Malmgren also dealt with terrorism risks to the economy after 911. She has a BA from Mount Vernon College, an M.Sc. and PhD from LSE, and has completed the Harvard Program on National Security.