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BAPCO Annual Event


  • GNSS / GPS Coverage Underground

    21 Dec 2023 Chronos Technology

    We all know the difficulties in receiving phone coverage in underground Metros; an inconvenience to the general public, but to vital to emergency services

  • GNSS Repeaters

    20 Dec 2023 Chronos Technology

    GPS repeaters enable the reception of satellite signals inside a building or indoor location where they cannot ordinarily be received. 

  • Hytera's E-pack200 is a DMR ad-hoc dual-channel repeater for fast-deployment emergency demands. The repeater adopts wireless interconnection technology to quickly create multi-hop narrowband networks ...
  • Designed for comfort and ease of use, the INVISIO X7 in-ear headset provides market leading hearing protection, clear communication, and natural, auditory situational awareness.

  • This video introduces Multitone Appear which is a workplace messaging app transcends the limitations of app-to-app messaging. With Appear, it’s all about who you want to contact, not how.

  • This video is an introduction our solution for Fire & Rescue, Appear Crew the iConsole.

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