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BAPCO Annual Event

Keri K. Stephens

Keri K. Stephens

Professor in Organizational Communication & Technology, University of Texas

Keri K. Stephens, PhD, is a Professor in Organizational Communication & Technology and she Co-Directs the Technology, Information, & Policy Institute in the Moody College of Communication at UT Austin. She studies organizations and disasters and has authored over 100 peer-reviewed articles appearing in top research journals, proceedings, and books. Her two most recent books are New Media in Times of Crisis (2019, Routledge), and the 2-time national-level award-winning book Negotiating Control: Organizations and Mobile Communication (2018, Oxford University Press).  Her Hurricane Harvey and social media research was funded by the National Science Foundation, and she has given a TEDxTalk. She leverages her background in both communication and biochemistry to take an interdisciplinary approach to translating complex risk topics into clear, actionable information for diverse audiences.