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Gareth Evans

Gareth Evans

Director of Business Development Europe, HAAS Alert
Gareth is the Director of Business Development for Europe at HAAS Alert. Leading their expansion from North America to bring Digital Alerting to the forefront of Mobility Safety. HAAS Alerts Safety Cloud connects first responders, towing and recovery fleets, and roadway workers with vehicles and motorists for real-time digital alerts that prevent collisions and improve road safety for everyone.

Prior to joining HAAS Alert, Gareth served as the Vice President of Sales for the Public Sector at Wejo. In this capacity, he and his team specialised in collaborating with government agencies, civil engineering and GIS businesses, ITS platforms, and transportation consultants. Together, they played a crucial role in shaping a safer, smarter, and more efficient future for roads and highways using connected vehicle data. Gareth forged significant partnerships with transportation research centres, industry-leading engineering firms, ITS providers, and state and local Departments of Transportation.

Known for his engaging and logical approach, Gareth has made significant strides in the integration of connected vehicle data into transportation and ITS solutions. His contributions have had a profound impact on road safety, commuting, signal timing, and increased work zone safety through improved traffic management schemes. The examples provided are just a glimpse into the extensive impact of Gareth's work in road safety.

At the heart of Gareth’s methodology is his ability to simplify complexity, enabling professionals across diverse fields to recognise the true human value of a connected mobility ecosystem. Safety and innovation remain the guiding principles in all aspects of his work.