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BAPCO Annual Event

Dave Sherwood

Dave Sherwood

Director of Clinical Safety & Quality, Doc-works

Dave has been the Director of Clinical Safety and Quality at Doc-works Ltd since January 2023 working as the Clinical Safety Officer and developing the future road map of the clinical and health sector products. Doc-works have several NHS and private healthcare providers as clients across the UK, primarily Ambulance sector but are expanding into other health sectors.

Previously Dave had a career in South Central Ambulance Service NHS Trust starting in Hampshire Ambulance Service in 1999 as a trainee Ambulance Technician and then qualified as a paramedic in 2002. Holding several senior management roles during his career. His last position was Assistant Director of Patient Care being the system owner for all the clinical IT applications, including the ePR and patient record systems. Dave is also an experienced Communications Tactical Advisor (Airwave) operationally and as a tutor.