Repeaters in public safety in the UK

Monday, February 5, 2018

​Since its inception in 2012, FalTech GPS has helped police and fire services across the UK to enhance public safety and improve emergency services’ incident response times. This was achieved by installing GPS repeater systems in fire and police stations to ensure that assets have a live GPS signal at all times when indoors.

Why is this important?

When inside a building, mobile data terminals and personal radios can’t receive a GPS signal due to the blocking effect of the building structure.Which means that the command and control centre will receive out of date location data for their assets – for example, fire appliances and police officers.

The problem is made worse by the fact that when leaving a building in an emergency, there can be an agonising wait of several minutes until MDT, satnav and personal radio devices re-acquire a GPS fix. During this prolonged satellite acquisition delay the device continues to report inaccurate location data and the command centre can’t be confident that the location is being accurately reported. Additionally fire crews and police officers can’t navigate to their intended destination until satnav devices have re-established a GPS fix.

The solution

A GPS repeater in a fire or police station relays the outdoor signal to the inside, ensuring that navigation devices have “sky-view” when indoors.

The command centre will receive up-to-date location information for all assets at all times and are able to guide their resources to where they are needed, knowing that the indicated location is accurate 100% of the time. The GPS repeater reduces satellite acquisition delay to zero; fire crews and police officers are able to navigate to their intended destination without delay.

FalTech GPS has supplied and installed over 300 repeater systems in fire and police stations across the UK and in many countries abroad. The repeaters, designed and built in Finland by market leader Roger-GPS, have made a significant difference to public safety in the UK over the last six years.

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