UK BWV manufacturer informed of major contract


Audax has won a “significant” contract to supply body worn video to an unnamed national police force.

According to a statement, the company will provide 20,000 of its Bio-AX cameras, in a roll-out valued at £13.2 million. Deployment is expected to start in December of this year, with final delivery completed by May 2022.

Speaking of the contract, a spokesperson for Audax said: “The cameras will be deployed to assist in the government’s aim of modernising policing, assisting with border protection and assisting security operatives deal with organised crime.”

Founder and owner of the company, Adam Liardet, said: "The use of body worn cameras promotes transparency and openness, which inevitably leads to improved officer performance and increased public confidence in national policing. We are privileged to be chosen to assist, and look forward to working with our local assembly partner for further projects.”

The Bio-AX camera has the ability to record - as well as live streaming - securely encrypted footage. It possesses internal GPS, as well as providing the ability for staff in the control room to remotely turn on live streaming.

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