South East forces deploy evidence automation system


A consortium of four UK police forces are rolling-out NICE’s Investigate digital evidence management solution.

Operating under the acronym SERIP (the South East Regional Integrated Policing Programme), the forces involved are Hampshire, Thames Valley, Surrey and Sussex. According to NICE, they will make the technology available to more than 12,000 officers in order to “streamline investigations, and address the challenges of growing digital evidence.”
Running on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, the solution is designed to help automate processes around evidence collection, management, analysis and sharing. It will “seamlessly integrate with the forces’ records management, body-worn video and interview recording systems.”
Speaking of the technology, a spokesperson from SERIP said: “NICE Investigate will be transformational for us, not only in terms of time savings but also through improved policing outcomes that will ultimately reduce threats, harm and risk to our communities.”
Chris Wooten, executive vice president, NICE said: “NICE Investigate is fast becoming the defacto standard for driving digital transformation in policing across the UK, and is gaining momentum around the world.”

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