Search and rescue drone mimics base station


UAV company Revector has launched its ‘Detector’ drone solution, designed to locate missing people through the use of their smart phones.

According to the company, the Detector consists of a drone attached to a mobile phone base station. The unit can monitor a ten-kilometre area “at high speed” for a period of around 90 minutes.

Discussing the product, a spokesperson said: “The RDD [Revector Detector Drone] mimics a base station, so the mobile phones of victims connect to it. This helps search and rescue teams quickly identify the location of injured or lost people.”

CEO of Revector, Andy Gent, said: “Search and rescue teams must be able to locate critically injured people, to ensure a fast and safe recovery. RDD enables this on a mountain, in a forest or even in the aftermath of an earthquake, as long as [the victim] has an active mobile phone.”

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