Police Scotland adopts online reporting method for serious incidents


Police Scotland has announced that members of the public who witness a serious crime will be able to directly upload video footage, images and information to the force, via the Major Incident Public Portal (MIPP).

The web-based platform is available specifically for those wishing to report terrorist attacks, major disasters or high-profile incidents such as murder. It was rolled out across Scotland earlier this week.

Speaking of the solution, assistant chief constable Duncan Sloan, major crime and public protection, said: “The portal is a quick and easy way for the public to submit information that could be vital in a major incident. It can also be used if there’s an incident that involves mass casualties and [an individual] wants to report a person missing.

“Before MIPP was introduced in Scotland, a dedicated incident call centre would be set up at the early stages to process this information. If witnesses wanted to send video footage, it would either be done by calling 101 or using a contact form, and an officer would be sent out to retrieve it.”

According to the organisation, it recently tested the MIPP functionality during an appeal for information regarding the death of Emma Faulds in Ayrshire, as well as the Shona Stevens homicide inquiry in North Ayrshire.

Use of the MIPP in Scotland will be coordinated by the recently-established Major Incident Support and Co-ordination Unit.

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