Police CyberAlarm launches following trial


A free government tool designed to protect businesses against data and intellectual property theft has been rolled out across the UK, following a successful pilot taking place in the north east.

According to Northumbria Police, the solution - known as Police CyberAlarm – “helps to fight off unwanted cyberattacks, block malicious ransomware and identify weak spots.” It does this by monitoring traffic in real time, “like a CCTV camera.”

The product is aimed at any business or organisation possessing a computer network. Once installed, its ‘virtual server’ collects and processes traffic logs, identifying suspicious activity from the firewall.

Speaking of the tool, detective sergeant Andrea Burns of the North East Regional Special Operations Unit said: “The threat of cyber-attacks against businesses is increasing, and police and industry need to work together to combat it. Police CyberAlarm is a great example of what can be achieved when policing and private industry work together.

“This is a police-led project which businesses can trust. There is no catch to signing up, and it is being offered for free. We want to generate a richer intelligence picture about the current and emerging threats.”

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