Notts IT effort leads to sex crime arrests increase


Nottinghamshire police officers have started to use an app tracking the activity of online sex offenders.

A spokesperson for the force said that the solution “has helped specialist officers make more arrests, seize more electronic devices and protect more children from harm." The app monitors the use of prohibited words, images and behaviours, such as “sexualised chat on an internet forum.”

According to Nottinghamshire, the organisation has seen a 40 per cent rise in successful outcomes, following the recent recruitment of an IT specialist to carry out complex digital investigations. Since October of last year, officers specialising in sexual and violent crimes have made 21 arrests, identified 27 new criminal offences and identified two safeguarding incidents.

Speaking of the recent successes, detective sergeant Steve Dalby, said: “We take the safeguarding of vulnerable young people and other victims extremely seriously and, ultimately, that is what this work is all about.

“When the courts place restrictions on people’s online behaviour, they do it for a very good reason. As the people charged with ensuring compliance of those orders, we are constantly thinking of new ways to identify people who think they can ignore them.”

The specialist team – which is based in Mansfield and Nottingham - is made up of 28 investigators and detective sergeants.

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