Nottingham NHS pathology goes digital


Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH) NHS Trust has chosen Indica Labs to “aid in full digitisation of its pathology workflow.”

According to a press release issued by the company, Indica will deliver its digital pathology software - HALO AP -, which will be integrated with existing hospital systems. Multiple Hamamatsu Nanozoomer slide scanners will also be integrated.

Speaking of the roll out, NUH clinical director of pathology, Dr Tim Taylor, said: “We are really pleased that NUH has secured £2.3 million of funding from Innovate UK as part of a government initiative to develop digital pathology services across the NHS. This will allow our team of specialist consultant pathologists to move from analysing tissue biopsies using microscopes to using state of the art software from Indica Labs.

“This will reduce the time patients have to wait for diagnoses, particularly for those patients with suspected cancer. It will also allow our team of pathologists to work more collaboratively with those in other Trusts across the region. It opens the way to using sophisticated artificial intelligence tools to assist pathologists in the future.”

NUH is the third largest NHS trust in England, providing health services to around six and a half million people. The pathology department processes approximately 70,000 histological specimens, producing 340,000 slides per year.

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