NEP: vast numbers of UK officers working remotely


Over 50,000 police officers and staff across England and Wales are now using Microsoft Teams, as part of UK policing’s response to COVID-19.

Speaking of the uptake of the technology, National Enabling Programmes (NEP) director Wayne Parkes said: “Reaching the 50,000 ‘active’ user milestone is really a symbol of the fantastic effort being made by forces, the programme team and our delivery partners.

“The real impact of [the Teams] platform can be seen in how officers and staff are changing the ways they work for the benefit of their communities. We have frontline officers sharing video footage of incidents with specialists such as forensic officers, to support in making quick and well-informed decisions. L&D departments are also using Teams to host virtual training sessions and continue with the recruitment of new staff and officers.

“Teams has enabled colleagues to remain physically distant whilst continuing to work closely together. And from a wellbeing perspective, the video calls and chat function allows staff to - formally or informally -check in on each other at the click of a button.”

According to its website, the National Enabling Programmes were “created to introduce a secure platform and national standards that enable new ways of working and collaborating for the 43 police forces that make up policing across England and Wales.”

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