Met to consult on BWV live streaming


The Metropolitan Police is updating its body worn cameras, rolling out 24,000 new units over the course of 2020/21.

According to the Met, the Axon Body 3 devices offer “more accurate audio and imaging capability” than those previously available to its officers. They also possess the capacity to live stream, functionality which will be the subject of community consultation ahead of a potential pilot.

Operational units which have already received the new cameras include South West and East Area Basic Command, as well as the organisation’s Taskforce. 

Speaking of the deployment, superintendent Jude Beehag-Fisher, said: “Having the ability to capture evidential quality video to support officers in their work is very welcome. [These cameras] enrich the qualitative detail of incidents to support the criminal justice process, providing an independent witness in the case of any complaints.”

London deputy mayor for policing and crime, Sophie Linden, said: “It is absolutely vital that our police service retains the trust and confidence of the communities it serves. The roll-out of body worn video to all officers in London helps to improve transparency.”

The previous BWV roll-out undertaken by the Met took place in 2016. The organisation anticipates that the latest deployment will be completed by April of next year.

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