Mesh networking solution fights Coronavirus


Wyld Networks has launched a new mesh networking product, including features to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

According to the company, the Wyld Mesh solution operates by using nearby smartphones and IoT devices to form an impromptu ‘multihop’ network. Its attendant Wyld Fusion content platform meanwhile offers “rich geolocation capabilities and advanced data analytics” in order to deliver content via branded mobile applications.
The technology can also be used to create virtual ‘geozones’ in order to manage access to premises during the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as delivering safety and ‘track and trace’ information. Geozones can also be implemented around users, providing information on social distancing.
Wyld Mesh connects smartphones together using P2P WiFi and Bluetooth device-to-device functionality, as built into Android and iPhones.
CEO of Wyld Networks, Alastair Williamson, said: “By connecting smartphones and IoT devices directly together in a mesh network, we have created a new low-cost additional layer of robust wireless connectivity.
“Leveraging the resilient nature of the mesh network - [alongside] our content delivery platform and accurate location capabilities - our solution has far ranging applications in multiple sectors.”
The products are intended for deployment in the retail environment, as well as during large events and at transport hubs.

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