Force rolls-out handheld speed cameras


Northumbria Police has deployed hand-held digital cameras, enabling officers to instantly identify speeding motorists, without the need to pull them over.

According to the force, the LTI TruCAM recording equipment “integrates high-resolution images, which can instantly detect a two or four-wheeled vehicle’s make, model and registration plate. [The camera can then] upload details electronically.”

The roll-out has been funded by the Northumbria Safer Roads Initiative.

Speaking of the technology, superintendent Helena Barron, said: “The laws of the road are not optional, and we know that speeding is one of the main underlying factors that can result in serious or fatal collisions.

“When tackling the issue of speed, education is a big area that we focus on, with programmes in place for some drivers to attend speed awareness courses rather than automatically receiving penalty points on their licence.

“However, these cameras are another resource at our disposal to tackle motorists who are unwilling to follow the rules. I’d like to thank all our partners at the Northumbria Safer Roads Initiative for supporting us with this important investment.”

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