Five reasons to attend BAPCO 2021


Following the publication of the BAPCO 2020 Post Show Report, we outline why the event is so important.

BAPCO 2020 took place under arguably the most unusual, not to say trying, conditions in the history of the event. Indeed, the fact that it happened at all given the circumstances is a testament not only to the resilience of those who attended, but also the importance of the show to the sector.
That being the case, we thought we’d outline five very good reasons to visit to BAPCO 2021, illustrated with facts and figures taken from our recently-published Post Show Report (which is available for download here).
1) Once a year opportunity
As demonstrated by the level of attendance year-on-year (despite the Coronavirus pandemic), BAPCO is quite simply the place for the UK public safety communications sector to meet and do business. Over 70 of the industry’s biggest manufacturers were present on the exhibition floor (91 per cent of whom said they’d return), with nearly every UK emergency service user organisation also represented.
2) The sector keeps moving, lockdown or not
If the Coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that human life is incredibly precious and needs to be protected at all costs. Communications technology has an increasingly important - and constantly evolving - role to play in this, and there’s no better place to hear about cutting-edge best practice than in the BAPCO conference sessions. Don’t get left behind the curb.
3) Emergency Services Network update
Without wanting to labour the point, the BAPCO conference really is the only place to keep on top of developments within the sector. There’s no better example of this than the annual Emergency Services Network update, as delivered by the UK government as well as users themselves. The Home Office can also be found on the exhibition floor, showcasing the latest ESN technology and prepping visitors for the year ahead.
4) The entire public safety sector, under one roof
Seventy-eight per cent of all UK police, fire and ambulance services attended BAPCO 2020, despite the circumstances besetting us all this year. We aim to bring together even more dedicated professionals in 2021, from an even broader range of organisations.
5) Back to the world
One of the most trying things about the current situation is the inability to enjoy simple pleasures that we once took for granted, not least face-to-face interaction with friends and colleagues. With that in mind the BAPCO event is renowned for its social side, whether that’s after-show drinks, or the annual dinner which over the years has evolved into the social event of the year. By March, I suspect we’ll all be more than ready to get back to normal life, and what better place to catch-up than at BAPCO 2021?
BAPCO 2021 takes place 9-10 March at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. Register your interest here
Click here to download the BAPCO 2020 Post Show Report.