Dashcam footage now a key source of evidence


The RAC has released figures suggesting that police forces received around 90 dashcam video recordings a day last year, alerting them to alleged motoring offences.

According to the organisation, 32,370 pieces of footage were received by the 24 police forces that accept motoring-related dashcam evidence from members of the public. This equates to roughly double the number recorded in 2018.

Breaking the figures down further, the RAC states that the greatest number of potentially prosecutable offences – 8,082 – were submitted to the Met. This was followed by Surrey, West Midlands and Gwent, all of which were in the 3,000s.

The submitted footage related to a range of offences, including dangerous driving, driving without due care and attention, driving too close to cyclists, contravening red traffic lights, and more.

The data was published by the RAC following a Freedom of Information request. Around a quarter the pieces of footage submitted went on to result in prosecutions.

Speaking of the figures, RAC road safety spokesman Simon Williams said: “The advent of dashcams, phones with cameras and helmet cameras has been a game-changer, as drivers can now easily submit footage to almost every police force.

“As so many drivers and cyclists are now using [this technology], every road user needs to be very conscious that any action that isn’t in accordance with the law could end up with the police. Some will inevitably find this out the hard way, while others will hopefully become increasingly mindful of it.

“The message for 2021 has to be – always drive as if you’re being watched by the police. If more drivers who are inclined to break the laws of the road were to think this way, the safer the roads would be for all of us.”

According to the RAC, forces are making it increasingly easy for road users to submit camera footage, with the vast majority enabling uploads online.

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