Control room week celebrates unsung staff


International Control Room Week once again highlighted the work carried out by those working ‘behind the scenes’ in the emergency services. The event – which was organised by NEC Software Solutions – ran towards the end of last year.

According to a statement released by the company, the event involved participation from nearly 100 emergency services organisations across the world. Speaking about the importance of the campaign, a spokesperson said: “The week-long [event] shone a welcome spotlight on the unsung heroes of emergency services control rooms to highlight their vital, life-saving work.”

The spokesperson continued: “Teams marked the week in many ways, from writing poems about their work and organising baking competitions to designing T-shirts, issuing long service awards to staff, and recognising the best-dressed control rooms.

“Challenges around the number of non-emergency calls made to control rooms were also highlighted. For instance, Avon and Somerset Police tweeted that control room staff received 1,103 non-emergency calls compared to 324 emergency incident reports in just one nine-hour shift.”

NEC Software Solutions’ executive director of public safety, Steve Ainsworth, said: “Control room staff go above and beyond in their roles every day and we want them to know their critical work doesn’t go unnoticed.

“They are the beating heart of emergency services organisations, and International Control Room Week is dedicated to recognising the fact that they are there for those most in need 24/7, 365 days a year.

“They make immediate, often life-saving, decisions to keep members of the public and communities safe and we truly value their outstanding work. We hope everyone had a fantastic week.”

NEC contributed to the event by sending participating teams ‘celebration boxes’ including notecards, bunting, posters and balloons. The company also donated £1 to Marie Curie and End Youth Homelessness for every social media post carrying the hashtag. ‘ControlRoomHeroes’. A total of £2,380 was raised.

Discussing her experience, senior leadership team comms manager at Avon and Somerset Police, Chloe Hope, said: “We’ve really enjoyed taking part in International Control Room Week. As a communications family, it’s a great opportunity to reflect and be proud of the effort we put in and thank our staff for the work they do.

“Our job is unique and we’re lucky to have the people we have. We’re often the first people someone speaks to at the worst times in their lives, and it’s so important to get that right.”

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