BAPCO 2020 exhibition focus: all about the tech


We highlight some of the most interesting critical communications solutions - both new and old - on display at BAPCO 2020.

As anyone visiting the BAPCO 2020 news site in the past few weeks will know, we’ve devoted substantial space to covering some of what we believe are some of the key highlights of this year’s conference sessions.
There’s more to the event than just the aforementioned presentations however, with the exhibition floor also boasting its usual plethora of big names and key players. These include the likes of huge corporate sponsors such as Motorola Solutions, Hytera, Sopra Steria and APD, as well as other companies whose constant innovation is a key factor in driving the industry forward.
As diverse as the exhibition is, one thing tying it all together is how proud these companies are of their technology. That being the case, in this piece we’re going to look at some of the potential product highlights across the course of the two days of BAPCO 2020.
Hand-held devices
UK public safety critical communications is currently going through a fundamental shift, not just in terms of the move to mission critical LTE but also via the gradual introduction of other potentially transformative technologies such as AI.
Having said that, the core business of many manufacturers within the sector is clearly still handheld devices, whether in the realm of narrowband or broadband. With that in mind it’s no surprise that key exhibitors in Coventry include Sepura, Hytera and Tait, all of whom will be bringing a variety of products from their extensive ranges.
For Gold Sponsor Hytera, this includes intrinsically safe units such as the company’s PD715IS and PD715Ex radios, its DMR LTE hybrid PDC760, and its PDC550 Push-to-Talk over Cellular device. (The company will also be showcasing its VM780 body worn camera, a category of technology you can read more about below). Sepura meanwhile will be offering its SC20 and SC21 hand-portable TETRA radios, as well as the Wi-Fi and applications-ready TETRA mobile SCG22.  
Also of enormous interest will be Silver Sponsor Tait’s two context specific multi-element solutions - one for the fireground, and one for transport (both of which visitors will be able to hear more about during the conference). The company will also be launching the next generation of its handheld products in the UK, the TP9500.
One currently very high-profile connectivity solution which will be on display in Coventry is Cradlepoint’s COR IBR1700-1200M mobile router. This has recently been certified for use on the Emergency Services Network, and subsequently deployed in the field by Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service.
Next up is Hytera’s E-pack 100 digital wireless ad hoc repeater. The company describes this as a “man-portable, fast-deployable, all-in-one radio, repeater and mesh node [providing] an instant ad hoc voice network capable of supporting up to 32 nodes.”
Lastly, Omnitronics will be offering its IPR4000S2, two-in-one analogue interoperability and RoIP gateway software. 
Control room and collaboration solutions
Another key public safety environment currently undergoing fundamental change is the control room, with organisations now needing to incorporate innovations such as cloud computing into their operational and corporate governance. Needless to say, this is also reflected across the BAPCO 2020 exhibition floor, with a variety of innovations being demonstrated by a range of companies.

One organisation with a huge presence at BAPCO 2020 is Silver Sponsor Capita, who will be bringing solutions including ControlWorks, Vision 5, and its DS3000 integrated communication control system (ICCS). Particularly interesting in relation to the ongoing Next Generation 999 discussion meanwhile will be the company’s 999Eye product, which allows members of the public contacting emergency services control rooms to stream live video footage from an incident.
Weytec is another Silver Sponsor which will be making its considerable presence felt in this arena, bringing numerous solutions for the edification of visitors. These include its visualisation platform (which “displays PC and video sources in freely scalable windows on monitors and video walls”) and its distribution platform. Add to this its smartTouch multifunctional keyboard, evidence capture technology, and its ultraFLEX mini PCs, and you have a truly multi-faceted offer.
Going back to the subject of Next Gen 999, Silver Sponsor Rapid SOS has emerged as a key player in this field. The company will be bringing its Portal product to BAPCO 2020, a solution which enables “access to lifesaving location and additional data from the Rapid SOS Clearinghouse.” 
Other exhibitors demonstrating cutting-edge control room/collaboration technology in Coventry include Omnitronics, Pulsiam, 3TC Software, Black Marble and Frequentis. The latter’s 3020 LifeX communication/collaboration platform has the ability to “integrate a variety of systems using different protocols and can flexibly exchange or upgrade them.”
Black Marble’s tuServ meanwhile is designed to “provide frontline operational police officers with a collaboration space to surface information from back office systems.”
Accessories, peripherals and body worn video
One technology which has become increasingly important on the emergency services frontline is body worn video. There are two key reasons for this, with BWV offering both a unique way to collect evidence, as well as acting as a potential deterrent to criminal behaviour on the part of the public. If you know you’re on camera, you’re less likely to be violent or abusive, or at least that’s the theory.
With that in mind, a key presence at BAPCO 2020 will be Silver Sponsor Audax, who will be bringing a selection of its products to the exhibition. These include its 19-1 camera, its Chest camera, as well as the flagship Bio-AX, which allows for both recording and live streaming.
Another company showcasing ‘next generation’ body worn video will be Platinum Sponsor Motorola Solutions, with its VB-400 camera. According to the company, the device includes a variety of features including high quality video, shift-long recording and a pre-record function. 
Going deeper into the realm of accessories and ‘peripherals’ meanwhile, there will no doubt be keen interest in Zebra’s HD4000 enterprise head mounted display. This is designed to work with both its Android and Windows devices, while also being dust-proof, waterproof and drop-proof.
Other products of interest include Juma’s Bluetooth REVO speaker microphone and its OTTO Noizebarrier TAC headset, and Axess International’s ESN-ready S8-detach mic and earpieces (as well as the company’s battery range).
Clearly, we’ve only had the space in this article to give a brief overview of the products and exhibitors at BAPCO. For a full list of companies and more in-depth description of products click here and here, and to register to attend click here. We’ll look forward to seeing you on the exhibition floor.

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