All UK police forces to use cloud-based major incident platform


All 43 UK police forces and associated law enforcement agencies have signed up for Holmes2 (the Home Office Large Major Enquiry System).

Developed by Unisys, the cloud-based solution provides what the company calls a “real-time view of live operations to facilitate efficient decision-making and the effective management of police resources.”

It will be used to manage large scale incidents, as well as to investigate organised crime, and serious crimes such as homicide. Speaking of the technology, a spokesperson for the company said: “HOLMES2 can be rapidly configured so multiple police forces are able to share resources and manage information.

“It also features new functionality for the UK Police Major Incident Public Reporting site to improve online engagement with UK citizens, allowing them to digitally submit information directly to the police. This includes videos and photographs.”

According to Unisys, all submitted data is instantly searchable and available to the relevant police forces. Additional functionality includes the ability to create dedicated campaigns focused on specific groups such as those living within a certain radius of an incident.

Sri Iyer, public sector lead for Unisys in the UK, said: "Cloud technology is critical for UK policing to more quickly address the rapidly changing nature of crime, while cutting costs across its operations.

“We're extremely proud to support UK police forces with our cloud services to expedite investigations and provide much greater levels of digital engagement with the public.”

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