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BAPCO Annual Event

Emergency Services: Fire

Cradlepoint Stand: F21

Cradlepoint helps Fire Services in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Technology within Blue Light vehicles has advanced significantly, with capabilities like live streaming body cameras and real-time data access becoming essential. Cradlepoint's 5G connectivity empowers forces to access critical information during missions, transforming the way they operate.

Join Cradlepoint’s UK team as they chat about real-life challenges and solutions in the Fire Services of the United Kingdom and Ireland:

•          Learn how Cradlepoint's 5G solutions revolutionize data access during critical missions.

•          Explore how to future-proof your operations by extending your Cradlepoint network to vehicles.

•          Find out how to embrace 5G technology to enhance station connectivity.

•          Discover the importance of station connectivity for public safety organizations.

•          Deep-dive the cost and efficiency advantages of transitioning from traditional networking solutions.

•          Understand the benefits of extending your Cradlepoint network and accessing devices via NetCloud Manager.

Don't miss this opportunity to prepare your organisation for the future. Register today and gain valuable insights into optimizing station connectivity with 5G technology.


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