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BAPCO Annual Event

Scribe Ledgers

Doc-works Limited Stand: F38

The system is extremely configurable/adaptable and can be tailored to suit specific requirements, workflows, and business rules. Doc-works specialise in integrations and has integrated Scribe Ledgers with many ERP and accounting platforms as well as purchasing, stock management and Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems. 

Invoice Processing

Effortlessly manage invoices by scanning, preparing, and approving them before exporting to your ERP system. Invoices can be received through a monitored email inbox, uploaded via the user interface, or directly associated with a Purchase Order (PO). Suppliers can also upload their own invoices, reducing the reliance on OCR data extraction and minimising user input. 

Reporting and Alerts 

Access a variety of standard and custom reports and alerts in the Scribe Ledgers system. Tailor reports to specific workflows and business insights, presenting data in grid or graphical formats (bar, line, pie, etc.). Export reports to Word, PDF, or Excel, and share report packs with individual users or entire user roles. 

Purchase Order Matching

Streamline invoicing with both manual and automatic PO matching in the Scribe Ledgers system. Automatic matching adds all PO line items to the invoice, facilitating discrepancy checks between PO and invoice data. Touch-free invoicing can be achieved when documents match without discrepancies, automatically exporting to the Accounting System. 

Approvals Engine 

Utilise the powerful rules engine in Scribe Ledgers to establish an approval path for documents before exporting to the Accounting System. Documents progress through multiple approval stages, with users easily managing approvals or rejections through the 'My Approvals' lozenge on their dashboard. The engine ensures a smooth and controlled approval process. 

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