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BAPCO Annual Event

MCS-NX Next Generation Control Units

Standby RSG UK Ltd Stand: F9
  • Improved connectivity
  • All new configuration software
  • Easier diagnostic and fault finding
  • Reduced need for additional units
  • Medium power outputs current limit increased to 8A
  • Low power output current limit increased to 2.4A
  • Greater scope during installation for product control allowing for increased load shedding capability
  • Flash pattern selectable for group flashing
  • Multifunction outputs priority based
  • Fully compatible with existing MCS handsets/switch units
  • Familiarity for user interface
  • 3 x CAN reading ports defined by user (not preset)
  • CAN-2.0 (MCS) upgraded to CAN-FD (MCS-NX), allowing for larger data length along with faster BIT rate
  • Vehicle CAN integration widened to pick up second CAN line if required
  • Class D siren amp for enhanced sound quality with minimal interference (PA)
  • Built-in low frequency capability
  • Full volume control for workshop/city mode
  • Dual voltage – 12v and 24v operation
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