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BAPCO Annual Event

Major Incident Management Solution

Multitone Stand: E18

Efficient, effective and timely organisation of the response to a major incident or major accident (MAJAX) is a significant challenge for any organisation, placing its plans, systems and participants under the greatest possible strain and scrutiny. Rapid, reliable and effective communications are essential for getting the situation under control.

Who is it for?

Our MAJAX management solution is suitable for:

  • emergency services: to summon key teams or issue a mass call-out for major incidents and regional or national emergencies.
  • high-risk commercial premises & critical infrastructure: including chemical plants, power stations, oil refineries and other industrial operations.
  • high-profile businesses or organisations at significant risk of cyber-attack: to initiate a rapid IT security response via a robust, secure system. This can be particularly useful out of office hours, when staff work remotely, are on-call, or are geographically dispersed.

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