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BAPCO Annual Event

20 Dec 2023

GNSS GPS Repeater Solutions

Chronos Technology Limited Stand: B10

Bringing GPS inside your Station/Garage

The GPS signal is too weak to penetrate buildings and when appliances are parked inside the fire station, they are unable to receive the signal.  Therefore, when they leave the station in an emergency, it can sometimes take valuable seconds or minutes to lock onto the GPS signal.  Chronos’ Ofcom compliant GPS repeater solutions bring the GPS signal inside FRS ensuring excellent indoor GPS coverage at all times.  Fire appliances have a constant lock on to the GPS signal while inside the fire station enabling command and control centres to have constant access to the whereabouts of appliances.  Upon exiting, the satnav device does not take valuable seconds or minutes to re-acquire the GPS signal.  Chronos offers custom GPS repeating kits that can be installed into whatever type of structure you have.

GNSS / GPS Repeater Services
Chronos provides complete solutions for distributing GNSS GPS signals including complete GPS repeater kits, antennas, amplifiers, splitters, attenuators, filters, cables and GPS over fibre solutions.  In all cases We can also provide a full Ofcom compliant installation service including designing the layout and distribution of the solution. This starts with a site survey which ensures that even before commencing an installation, the antenna, cable run and repeaters will all be placed at optimum points.  Chronos has an experienced team who has installed countless repeater systems in both military and civilian applications throughout the UK and globally. If you would like advice or chat about the options, come and meet the team on stand B10.

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