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BAPCO Annual Event

Genasys Protect ACOUSTICS


Genasys Protect ACOUSTICS provides highly audible and clear voice messaging thousands of meters away, staying on and connected even during broad power outages and network downtime. Genasys Protect ACOUSTICS are networked, remotely operated devices optimized with Advanced Driver and Waveguide Technology to ensure every broadcast is clearly heard and understood above loud background noise and over long distances. Reliable failsafe capabilities enable a constant stream of information providing redundancy when key infrastructure fails during critical events. As part of the Genasys Protect platform, ACOUSTICS is the go-to solution for clear actionable communication delivering evacuation instructions, critical advisories, and public announcements. ACOUSTICS expands multi-channel communications into areas of poor cell coverage or internet connectivity, with a reach of over 2,000 meters, and bridges the gap for visitors, remote workers, unhoused, and commuter populations that may miss traditional mass communications. No other platform delivers integrated hardware and software for proactive preparedness and diverse multi-channel communication to ensure you are “Ready when it matters.” 

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