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BAPCO Annual Event


Frequentis Stand: F3

FlagMii® EML is based on the Emergency Mobile Link, a direct reserved channel between the call-taker’s workstation in the Control Room and the smartphone of the person in distress. The telephone can also be that of a rescuer on the incident scene or that of a remote consultant.

  • Locate callers and team in seconds- FlagMii®EML automatic location retrieval works with every smartphone, it’s SMS based and includes tracking function for multiple targets.
  • Live video for situational awareness- use the live video transmission from the caller's smartphone or from rescuer and operator devices to watch the incident scene and give focused instructions
  • Accesability and silent call friendly- fulfill the international guidelines for emergency services by supporting impaired people. Take care of callers under threat using the silent call feature.
  • Real-time translatoin- With the FlagMii®EML embedded translation and natural language processing engine, operators can give support to foreign callers and tourists.

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