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Fire Priority Dispatch System

Priority Dispatch Stand: E29

The Fire Priority Dispatch System includes the following features:

  • Use of a Case Entry system: The FPDS Protocol provides a standardized method for answering each call. On Case Entry, the event location and callback numbers are verified, and the appropriate Chief Complaint is selected.
  • Identification and ordering of Key Questions: The protocol prompts the calltaker to ask the right questions for each Chief Complaint. The questions and information are logically ordered with scene safety first, followed by other essential information.
  • Logic-based selection of dispatch codes: Recommendations for dispatch codes are driven by on-scene event information provided by the caller. The response codes ensure that calls are triaged according to designated agency-defined response policy. 
  • Pre-Arrival Instructions for life-threatening situations: Based on information provided by the caller, the protocol guides calltakers to instructions for specific, life-threatening situations such as HAZMAT, sinking vehicle, trapped in a fire, and others. Calltakers can initiate a Zero-Minute Response by providing the caller with easy-to-follow, step-by-step Pre-Arrival Instructions so help can be given immediately while responders are on the way.
  • • Post-Dispatch Instructions for callers: These important instructions help the calltaker direct the caller to improve scene safety and the effectiveness of the overall response.

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