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BAPCO Annual Event

AQUA Ascent

Priority Dispatch Stand: E29

AQUA works seamlessly with ProQA, the world’s premier protocol-based calltaking software. Certification training is available for communication center staff, software specialists, and emergency dispatch quality assurance staff (ED-Qs).

  • Complete Control: AQUA’s powerful statistical formulas crunch your communication center’s raw operational data and present the information to you in easy-to-understand tables, charts, and reports. Monitoring trends in calltaker performance is simple, so you can reward superior performance and course correct when necessary. AQUA stores information in an electronic database so accessing and saving strategically important records is effortless. With AQUA, you’re always on top of your center’s performance management.
  • Improved Efficiency: Measuring performance accurately and consistently is an essential part of any successful quality assurance/quality improvement program. The ability to obtain this information quickly is a must in today’s fast-paced world. AQUA helps you maintain accurate records of calltaker performance based on criteria that is applied consistently from calltaker to calltaker, from shift to shift, and from center to center. AQUA also helps you review cases faster. In some cases, centers have reported that AQUA’s ProQA data import feature has cut case review time in half.
  • Quality Assurance: In today’s world, public safety agencies simply must have a quality assurance/quality improvement program that measures, analyzes, and helps them improve, protects them from liability lawsuits, and ensures that their citizens are receiving the safest and best possible dispatch service. AQUA’s Incident Performance Report details each case and the calltaker’s compliance to protocol during the call. Individual/Shift/Agency Performance Reports give you a clear understanding of your agency’s compliance to protocol and help you precisely tailor your center’s continuing dispatch education (CDE) training.
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