Mission-critical computers for demanding duties

Our core focus is on demanding duties, and our understanding of the challenges present in tough environments has allowed us to develop expert skills in the design and supply of trusted ICT technologies.

Designed to work for the toughest duties
Industries require high availability to underpin their economic performance and reputations – and therefore prioritise tough and reliable technologies.

Finland-based Sunit Computer Technology’s products are well known for their reliability in even the toughest working environments.

Client core-focus
We work hard to develop a deep knowledge of our clients’ requirements and we strive to bring them long-lasting computer technology with retained value. Every duty is unique, so we provide products adapted to each of our clients’ needs. A wide range of features coupled with powerful capacity and compact design are well-known hallmarks of our technology.

Open Architect Computing
It is important that computer technology comes with long-term support and upgrades. Our use of Open Architecture Computer (OAC) technology make sure that all of our applications are optimally powered and the life-time of our information systems are preserved. An open architecture makes maintenance and service together with development and deployment easier, thereby reducing the cost of modernising ICT systems.

Reducing environmental impact with long-lived products
The electronic industry as a whole has a severe impact on the environment and Sunit realises that best way to address this is to supply products with extremely long in-service lifespans.

Uncompromising adherence to industry standards
The industries we work with need to be able to buy with confidence, given that their day-to-day operations involve people, goods & dangerous goods, traffic & working safety. Our products are covered by industry standards, UNECE-Regulations, environmental standards and are certified.

Stand number: C1 & C2