We make sure your information stays safe and available for mission critical use

Digia is a trusted partner with a successful history of providing mission critical software and integration solutions in the public safety sector. Digia has a strong experience of providing IT solutions in high security domains. Digia has for example build different types of situational awareness systems for Finnish Defense Forces, National emergency supply agency, health care and teleoperators during past 15 years.

Some highlights of our public safety related offering:

Digia Salpa is a mobile application for secured multichannel communication in confidential security level. It is proven that this application is secure against any hacking attempting, even when the source code is given to the hackers.

Digia Linja is a unique secure gateway solution that makes possible to share information between different high security level networks, either one way or two ways, for example, from secret network to confidential and/or vice versa.

112-mobile platform. The main benefit of the 112-mobile platform is that it speeds up the provision of assistance in an emergency and provides value-added services for the citizens.

Digia Iiris is a solution for ICT-service management and situational awareness of organisation. With Iiris it is possible to get a quick overview about the situation of the organisation. You can have a real-time snapshot of the final service and use operational analytics and tools to ensure the service level.

Stand number: C1 & C2