Drone Zone - call for presentations

Submission deadline: Monday 20th January 2020

Drones (or unmanned aerial vehicles/UAVs) are becoming increasingly recognised by the UK emergency and rescue services as important and powerful tools, with the potential to do everything from increasing situational awareness to finding missing persons. They are no longer just 'novelty' items.

Within the BAPCO 2020 Drone Zone, we invite specialists in the field to present on cutting edge drone technology and how it is being used on the frontline. This will include standards and regulations, as well as operational planning/delivery and practical appllications. 

How are drones being used in public safety today and what innovations will further change the game in the near future? 

A flying area will operate within the zone, so we particularly welcome live demonstrations. We encourage that participants bring a variety of different drones, with an emphasis on how these can be used in real world operational scenarios.

Please submit your ideas for presentation using the link below by Monday 20th January 2020. Please sumit the following information:

  • Presenter's name
  • Presenter's biography
  • Title of presentation
  • Short summary of content including learning objectives
  • Will you include a live demonstration?