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The Call for Content is now open for BAPCO 2021!

The annual BAPCO Conference & Event has established itself as the leading, must-attend, event for the public safety communications sector in the UK. This is your chance to get involved and shape the conference content for this year's show.

We live in a world of heightened threats, increased demand and reduced resources for those involved in public safety technology and critical communications. At the same time, there are numerous exciting possibilities and challenges for users and providers when it comes to the technology itself.
With that in mind, in our call for papers, we are looking for ideas and innovations to help those on the frontline better protect the public, while at the same time helping to keep themselves safe.

We would value any proposals that include information on how the Covid-19 response has been handled, both from the responder community and industry perspective.

BAPCO 2021 is particularly looking for examples of current technologies, initiatives and ways of working, as well as operational/end-user case examples.


We are seeking submissions from technology and public safety experts on the following topics:
1 The mother of invention: lessons from the pandemic

How has COVID-19 helped to drive the development of technology and its use in the public safety environment? How have organisations adapted their methods of working and business change processes? What previous blockages have been removed?
2 ESN: What are you going to do with it?

What broadband applications are already in play on the frontline? What specific benefits will the availability of ‘mission critical’ 4G bring when it comes to the use of data? What are the lessons learned from early adopters of ESN? How is 5G's ongoing consumer roll-out likely to impact on the development and use of broadband for public safety?
3 Generational change: NG999/112

What preparations are your organisation putting in place when it comes to Next Generation emergency calling? What services do you require? What public safety apps are already available and what are the public using right now? To what degree can these applications be controlled and regulated? Is it already too late? Where does ESN fit into this?  
4 Interoperability and interworking

Examples of best practice in collaborative working. Stories from users and manufacturers focussing on the use - and co-development - of technology, and incorporation of JESIP principles.
5 Control rooms of the future

With the use of cloud technology becoming increasingly prevalent, will control rooms be predominantly ‘home-based’, off-premises, or even off-org?  
6 If at first you don't succeed...

What lessons can be learned from the different approaches to contact and trace apps developed for use during the COVID-19 pandemic? 
7 Mental health in public safety (There’s always another call to take or job to attend...)

How to recognise stress in your people and provide the support and care necessary to keep them well.
8 Artificial intelligence and machine learning – friend or foe? 

What are the current examples of best practice when it comes to use of AI by the emergency services? What do we need to be wary of?
9 A vision of the future for emergency services operations

How will communications technology be used to improve public safety response in the years and decades to come?
10 Smart/safe cities and the Internet of Things

Are smart devices - deployed both in the home and the wider environment - a help or a hinderance when it comes to public safety?
11 Drones and autonomous vehicles - real use cases, real examples

Autonomous vehicles are a game-changing public safety technology. How are they being used right now?
12 The shock of the new

What are you doing differently as an organisation when it comes to the deployment of technology? How can we learn from each other, and get the word out about operational innovation?
If your proposal does not fit into these suggested content areas, please feel free to suggest a topic of your choice.


Please contact Event Executive, Charlotte Moore, with any submission queries.

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